Amanda Seyfried Talks About Lovelace Film on Conan

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from – On Monday night, Amanda Seyfried provided Conan O’Brien with a very important lesson: what makes an adult film different from a normal movie.

The actress, who was there to promote the new musical “Les Miserables,” nevertheless had to field questions about the upcoming biopic “Lovelace,” in which she plays “Deep Throat” star Linda Lovelace.

“I’m just curious, how do you portray a porn star without the film being incredibly explicit?” O’Brien asked.

With a gentle note of sarcasm in her voice, Seyfried replied, “Well, you don’t actually have sex on film.”

“This is not the way I could have gone, but I’m not directing,” O’Brien quipped.

Seyfried helpfully explained how popsicles were a big help while filming because they made her lips “wet and inflamed.” Perhaps sensing she’d taken things a little too far, she added, “I can’t believe I went that far just now.”

The popsicle revelation prompted O’Brien to do his trademark nervous-around-a-beautiful-woman shtick. “My soul just left my body,” he joked.

But she went even further still, telling O’Brien that all the additional dialogue she recorded for the film was “uh, slurping noises.”

Then Seyfried abruptly changed the subject: “Seriously. I’m promoting ‘Les Mis’ right now!”

“Yes, a film for the whole family,” O’Brien said, sounding disappointed.

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