Amber Lynn Says She Did the First-Ever Double Vag Scene; Fabian’s Kind of Cute in a Nerdy Way, She Says

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Thought for today: Mika Tan tweets: “I’ve not been a voting member of @FSCArmy for years, so my opinion is a moot point. Incumbents clinging to old ways is why we cannot adapt.”

By the way, the Free Speech elections close Thursday, January 10th at midnight.

Amber Lynn who’s running for a spot on the FSC board, was at a mainstream party on New Years Eve, and the cops were about to bust it until they recognized her.

“Actually it was a mainstream party,” Lynn explains.

“It was Russell Peters the comedian. Do you know who he is? I didn’t either, but he’s really cute and such a nice guy and so funny. A friend of mine, Rebecca Bardoux, sent me an invitation to come to this party. She said he’s got a big house in the Hills. I thought she said he had a big peter.

“The cops came to break up the party,” Lynn continues. Lynn told the party revelers she could handle the situation.

“This is one thing I’m good for. So I’m running outside. Officer, is there a problem here? Can I help you?”

The cop must have given Lynn a “holy shit” upon recognizing her.

“And I still had my clothes on,” she laughed.

Lynn was on James Bartholet’s show Wednesday night. Bartholet was talking about several celebrities including Patti Page and Charles Durning who’ve passed away recently.

“One thing we would like to see pass away is this award,” continued Bartholet.

“We love AVN and XBiz here so much but this is has got to be an awards nomination that has gotten everybody up in arms. They’re having a category this year for Best Tube site.”

Bartholet said that’s just plain wrong and mentioned Manwin’s Fabian Thylmann being out on bail.

“He’s got enough money from what I hear,” said Lynn. “I don’t know anything about him.”

Bartholet, as everyone else, suspects that Thylmann’s money is fronted by another entity. Lynn said she looked up Thylmann online and thought “he was kinda cute in a nerdy way.” Lynn said she’s always had crushes on nerdy guys.

Lynn during the interview also mentions that she’s writing a book and after doing some research discovered that she was the “first” Lynn in the business by 8 months.

“We found out that my first movie was about 8 months before Ginger Lynn’s first movie,” she noted.

“And all these years we always thought that Ginger made the first movie and was the original Lynn.” According to Amber, there was about a year between her first and second films.

“Ginger and I were the originals [with the porn name Lynn]. Before that there were none. Ginger has always said, ‘I was the first Lynn and Amber came in right after me.’ Lynn said she and Ginger continue to be friends.
“I love her; I adore her.”

For the record, Amber Lynn Lynn originally starred in the movie Personal Touch 3 [in 1983] directed by Bobby Hollander.

“Next year will mark my 30th anniversary in the adult entertainment industry.”

Lynn went on to talk about her run for the Free Speech Board noting that this is her way of giving back to the business.

When she was told she was nominated for the board, Lynn said she hesitated for a second.

“Then I thought this is great; I love it. I want to be of service,” she said.

“I like Diane and Joanne- they run the FSC over there, and I think they take a lot of cheap shots from people who get off on bashing the FSC.”

Asked what she was going to do that was different, Lynn responds, “Here’s the thing. The have a board of directors. I am not going to do anything. I am going to reside in a seat with 14 members of the board and represent the talent with 30 years of experience.

“They already have people that are running the board. It’s a group conscience that resides over the decisions.

“Somebody calls it a thankless job,” she continues.

“It’s a position which you volunteer for. They have six meetings a year and I will represent active talent. They have lawyers. They have heads of companies. They have everybody you can think of.

“We need to have an active talent member from the mainstream pool,” Lynn continues.

“My idea is that moving forward it would really be a great idea to have a talent member to take that position.”

Porn movie reviewer Roger T. Pipe was a phone-in guest [there will be a separate report] and Pipe brought up the Miami Spice series. Lynn who was in Miami Spice II recalled getting off a plane.

“They handed me the keys to a Lamborghini Countach and a big giant bag of cocaine,” she recalled.

“I spent two weeks in Miami driving a Lamborghini Countach with Danielle, the porn actress sitting passenger, and just going through that big bag of cocaine.”

Bartholet asked if that was her pay back then.

“No, that was just our treat,” she said.

Asked about some of her wilder scenes, Lynn recalled Ten Little Maidens which was directed by John Seeman. It featured besides Lynn, Ginger Lynn, Jamie Gillis, Paul Thomas, Nina Hartley and Harry Reems.

“They threw a roast pig on me, and Harry Reems and Jamie Gillis fucked me with a pig on my stomach.

“We were having a giant orgy scene, and Jamie turns around and picks up the roast pig. He takes the apple out of its mouth and shoves the apple in my mouth and slaps the roast pig down on my stomach. He starts fucking the pig.

“Harry Reems if anybody saw a movie with Harry Reems in it, he was just crazy. Harry was nuts. So Harry runs over and starts jerking off in a cream pie. He takes the cream pie, cums in it and slaps it into my face. I was furious. My make-up took hours putting it on so I was furious. I got up and Ginger jumped into a fountain and started crying. She was so upset with what they were doing to me.”

Lynn recalled another feature Where The Boys Aren’t which featured herself, Christy Canyon, Janine, Julia Ann, Jeanna Fine and Sarah Jane Hamilton.

“Jeanna Fine and I were fucking Sarah Jane Hamilton and she was so turned on. We were eating her and doing all this stuff to her. She was so turned on, she came and she had a sponge up inside of her- I guess she had her period- it shot out her pussy.”

Lynn will be appearing on stage in the Deep Throat play at the Zephyr Theater as well as other porn performers on a rotation-basis.

“I love the theater,” says Lynn. “I love stage acting. It’s a whole different world.”

Lynn also announced that she’s done a number of new scenes- these for Brazzers- and touted the one she did with Manuel Ferrara.

“He’s so hot. He’s amazing.”

Bartholet thought Manuel was still with Katsuni whereas Lynn, who didn’t want to be quoted, thought Ferrara and Kayden Kross were now an item.

A caller-in from Tampa Bay remembered a double-pussy penetration scene Lynn did back in the day. Lynn recalled it being in Devil in Miss Jones 3 and that it was with Marc Wallice and Tom Byron.

“I was the first person to ever do that in the adult business,” states Lynn.

“It was a break through moment. That kind of happened naturally. Something was going on, and I was working with two actors. We wondered whether we could do this and I said women are made to have babies so let’s give it a try. It happened.

“That was back when Traci Lords was still in the industry; Ginger was in the movie, Traci Lords was in the movie; Patti Plenty was in the movie, and we were all on the set one-upping each other in this Greg Dark production. And he was just a very dark character that took sex to new bounds.”

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