Amber Lynn Says She Will Have a Steaming Pile of Shit Delivered to Rob Black

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Will Rob Black have to eat a steaming pile of shit? On his own show this week, Black questioned the numbers Amber Lynn’s people have been putting out about the listenership of her Friday afternoon program. Lynn launched a show several weeks ago and last week it was announced that she drew over 180,000 listeners.

“If Amber Lynn shows me those stats, I will eat a pile of steaming shit,” stated Black.

Perhaps she was playing coy, but Lynn on her show Friday night said she had heard that “someone” was questioning the numbers, calling it “a misunderstanding or ignorance of how it works- who wouldn’t, if you are a competitor.”

Lynn never referred to Black by name and during the remainder of the conversation, Black’s name was never mentioned.

“Your numbers are very real,” said Michael Merlino of XXX Porn Star Radio.

“XXX Porn Star Radio over the past year has been fortunate enough to be picked up by syndicated Podcast stations, and I think our listeners pretty much know what a Podcast is and how it works. They pick up the feeds and what it does it rebroadcasts each week to anyone who wants to listen to it.”

Lynn and Merlino emphasized that these aren’t made up numbers.

“I want what we report on our radio show to be real,” said Lynn.

“In the United States alone we are syndicated with over 20 different Podcast stations,” continued Merlino.

“We are syndicated with several in Europe. And as of July 20th we’ll be syndicated with 3 more in Europe. As an example, with the show you do today we’ll take the numbers from Blog Talk Radio and take the total numbers from all your syndicated Podcast up until next Saturday morning. Saturday morning gives you your final numbers for the week.

“These are live listeners- these aren’t fake profiles like they set up on Twitter whatever they do,” added Lynn. “All my people that are on Twitter are actual fans that follow me.”

“The wonderful thing about Internet is that these are people that actually have to seek you out,” said Merlino.

Lynn again thanked her fans and her guests whose listeners have followed them on to the show and became new listeners in their own right.

Alesia Pleasure announced that Arbitron has ranked her show number 2.

“They’re not going to go by bogus numbers,” said Pleasure.

“When we have someone like Arbitron saying these are the numbers you’re pulling in and that’s why you’re number 2, that should have been enough for this person [Black] to realize that what we’re saying is the truth.” Pleasure laughed, noting Black’s pile of shit reference.

“The person’s going to eat a pile of shit!!?? No way,” said Lynn.

“I’m going to call that galloping group of gourmets that deliver dinners- I’m going to have it delivered on a silver platter.”

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