America Has A Heart; US Forces Deliver Humanitarian Aid To Yazidis Trapped In Iraq

I saw something on CNN that was truly gut-wrenching and heartbreaking.

It was of US forces dropping food, water and other supplies to the Yazidis in Northern Iraq. The Yazidis are a Kurdish religious sect in Iraq who have been stranded on the top on Mount Sinjar for the past week to escape ISIS militants who have threatened them with execution if they don’t convert to Islam. ISIS has been on a rampage of terror throughout Iraq, executing and beheading those who do not convert. They are committing mass genocide to a population largely made up of women and children.

The CNN video showed the US helicopters dropping the supplies and you see hundreds of these Yazidis running to try to get on board for safe passage to Syria. The US mission is not to rescue the Yazidi, but to deliver humanitarian aid to them and to protect US personnel in Erbil. But when you have women and children jumping on these helicopters, the US does not turn them away. It’s unbelievably tragic to see what is happening there.

There is one shot of a 14 year old girl, who very much looks like any teenager here in the United States. She has a little sunflower watch bracelet on, her hair is pulled back and she’s crying hysterically and she flinches and winces as the helicopter fires its machine gun at the ISIS militants below. Her father put her in the helicopter, so she’s now separated from her family. The only thing she knows is she is going to be airlifted to a safe place where there will be no ISIS terrorists trying to kill her or rape her and cut her head off. They’ve been playing this image over and over on CNN. It truly is disturbing and heartbreaking, but it shows again why the United States of America is the greatest country in the world, because these are the things that we do.

America is dropping bombs on ISIS and helping the Kurds defend themselves against the militants and giving some of them safe passage. But remember this. There ultimately is no solution in Iraq that America is going to provide. We cannot be there for another ten years like we were before. We cannot be occupiers in Iraq again. The Iraqis have to govern themselves and create stability amongst their own people.

Besides ISIS, there are leadership problems. Nouri al-Maliki is the current prime minister of Iraq. That is the person that the Bush administration installed after Saddam Hussein was removed. Remember, this entire Iraq region has been broken and fucked up because of George W. Bush. To listen to Dick Cheney try to place the blame for the current situation on Obama is disgusting. It really is. Obama was one of the few senators who voted against going in to Iraq in 2003. Iraq should never have been fucked with in the first place.

Saddam Hussein was the leader of Iraq for many years. He really wasn’t that much of a problem for the US, more of a nuisance. Just like any number of nuisances throughout the world. But George Bush went in and deposed Saddam. We occupied Iraq for ten years. We put a new government in place headed by Maliki. Maliki ultimately did what Saddam did. He ruled as a dictator and favored Shia over Sunni, where the Sunni minority held most of the positions of power during Saddam’s reign. Like Saddam, he refuses to relinquish power.

Iraq has a new president, Fuad Masum. Masum has appointed a new prime minister, Haider al-Abadi. Maliki, who has served two terms, has argued that the appointment of Abadi is legally invalid. Maliki wants to serve a third term. He isn’t leaving his post as prime minister. You have a new president, a new prime minister designee, you have troops loyal to Maliki and you have a bit of a problem. The new appointees have been congratulated by other nations and Maliki has been warned that he better step aside or there will be trouble for him. Unless he wants to end up like Saddam, he had better acquiesce his power.

You now have a struggle for political power in Iraq. Again, how anybody can blame President Obama is astounding. These struggles have gone on for years before we went into Iraq, but Saddam Hussein kept a lid on the chaos. George Bush got rid of Saddam. So now we have what we have.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. A new president and prime minster appointee, a prime minister with a loyal army who doesn’t want to leave and you have the US demanding that he leaves. Where it will shake out is anybody’s guess, but Iraq is a broken country because of George W. Bush. Disgraced George Bush keeps a pretty low profile, hiding and painting watercolor pictures, while his former VP and fellow war criminal Dick Cheney fights a pathetic battle for the Bush legacy. The fact the Cheney and company talk about Iraq at all is pretty amazing, considering how wrong they were on every count.

We’ll keep following the latest developments in Iraq and see what happens.

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