Among Porn’s Unsolved Mysteries, Why Is James Bartholet Ducking The Richard Nanula Story?

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Rob Black on his show, Thursday promised a weekly segment devoted to porn’s unsolved mysteries. Black then threw out a few XXX riddles for grabs that have baffled me, for sure.

One involves James Bartholet. Bartholet heads up Galaxy Publicity, an industry PR agency, and one of his clients is Trinity St. Clair. Get my drift?

St. Clair is the femme fatale behind the Richard Nanula caper which dragged Wicked contract girl Samantha Saint into an apparent hooker shakedown/extortion scheme.

Saint has gone on record, for what that’s worth, but in all the hubbub, St. Clair remains silent on the issue. You’d think that Bartholet, master of PR, would have at least attempted a spin, but, methinks, he can’t because it would only draw the web tighter around his client.

And let me put this out there for conjecture. Bartholet is Mr. Hollywood – is it possible he was part of these shenanigans and knew Nanula well enough to be a part of St. Clair’s schemes? Just a thought.

Says Black: “Here’s one story nobody seems to answer or know nothing about – why is James Bartholet not on the Nanula issue, and why hasn’t Trinity St. Clair made any statements?

“The entire industry has been burying her. James Bartholet is MIA. Trinity St. Clair is MIA, and that’s an issue that needs to be resolved. That is an issue that needs to be thrown out there. She’s become the scapegoat for this entire story.”

To the confetti of conjecture, Black adds the escapade involving Nanula and Spiegler girls Sarah Shevon and Penny Pax.

“Spiegler, Penny Pax, Sara Shevon, Peter Warren all got together and concocted a story,” said Black.

“The question that hasn’t been answered, is, who’s the big name director and the big name studio that shoots on a tripod out of a bathroom? We need to know who the fuck that is. We’re trying to figure out who this can be.

“Penny Pax knows. Spiegler knows. That would solve this mystery, and why didn’t they tell anyone of this a year ago?

“Here’s another question – I remember another guy Keiran Lee. Keiran Lee tweeted about me saying, ‘who’s this fucking guy?’ Who am I? Who the fuck are you? Keiran Lee must have tweeted about all the talent he and Brazzers were hiring and all the big things Manwin and Brazzers were doing. What’s Keiran Lee been up to? If someone could give me a little update that would be awesome.”

“People are talking about Jerry Estrada and where did all the money go from Pleasure Dynasty and the history of Jack Zipper a punk-bitch who better know his place.

“Jack Zipper got his production shut down and they robbed investors.

“And what’s up with Asa Akira who’s supposed to be the new contract girl?” Black also wanted to know. “No one’s talking about that.”

“Are both health clinics still currently testing for Hepatitis? Tom Byron was tested the other day at Cutting Edge. Does Cutting Edge test everybody now who has never had a Hep test, and, if so, who has the results and is anyone asking for the results?

“Tom Byron got a test. If people don’t have a Hep test result, you need to ask where their Hep test results are. If they say they missed their window they’re lying. If the Hep test results are not on your paperwork where is it and why aren’t you asking about it?

Black said another unsolved porn mystery involves AVN’s Steve Javors.

“What the fuck does Steve Javors do exactly? Peter Warren is a bitch, and a half ass blogger bitch. But what’s Javor’s function over there?

“And have we officially stopped probing or come to the question that AVN is owned by Manwin? Are we all in agreement that Raul Christian is the owner?

“Paul Fishbein – why would someone who sold out try to be getting back in the business? The jig was up, Fishbein had to sell out. They know Manwin is about to pull the plug on all its properties.

“Manwin will keep what brought them to the dance. With losers like Peter Warren, something like AVN is not Manwin’s cup of tea. Manwin is saying ‘cool, let it all crash and burn. Our business at the end of the day is a bunch of web surfers.’

“’We sit in a bunker, steal content and triple bang credit cards.’

“What will happen to AVN when Manwin’s done with them? Fishbein said, ‘Oh, we were Coke but sold to a company who turned it into piss water.’

“The big stars in porn a couple of years ago- where are they now?” asked Black.

“Like Kristina Rose, Kimberly Kane, Kagney Linn Karter, Gracie Glam, Tara Lynn Foxx, Allie Haze, Jynx Maze, Jessie Andrews, Lily Carter, Lily LaBeau, Brandy Aniston and Chanel Preston.

“Being loaded at a Pirates game doesn’t qualify Andy San Dimas on that list,” added Black.

“She couldn’t get arrested at a Pirates game. The other girls were the pulse of the business but Andy San Dimas couldn’t get arrested. Those girls were the who’s who and are now the was of what.

“John Staglino was looking very svelte at Porn Star bowling,” Black remarked.

“Me when I lost weight, everyone said I was on crack. Is Stagliano still doing Stretch Class?

“And regarding that Free Speech event, the question that nobody talks about, cares or says boo about is the fact that the Free Speech Coalition and LATATA split the money.

“That money went to all those pimps and Joanne Capistrano and Diane Duke; and all the talent did that event for free, but the money went to the pimps. Nobody wants to talk about the bowling event. Nobody wants to talk about that bullshit except me and no one can justify it.

“And why has Mike South a dumb hillbilly motherfucker become the truth speaker for the entire business? Why isn’t he talking real issues? Mike South would tell you about the bogeyman Rob Black. When the bogeyman is gone, when the scumbag is gone, you have nothing left to write about?

“If you’re a truth seeker, why is it you’re not doing that? Why? The bogeyman has left the building. Rob Black is not the enemy. People in porn need to know who the real enemy is.”

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