An Interview with Ashton Moore

(PHOENIX, AZ) — After an early childhood close to porn valley, Ashton Moore [] left Newport Beach, California–destination Arizona. While you may find that most people leave SoCal to get away from the business, Moore’s venture to Scottsdale had no ill effect on her popularity and played a major role in keeping her personal life private and serene.
The adorable, natural and sweet personalitied Jill Kelly Productions Contract Star has been happily married for eight years to a man who does some occasional adult appearances with her, including print work and a recent boy/girl film that we’ll cover later in this piece. She’s a part time bartender, housewife, PTA member and avid movie renter at her local Blockbuster.

Top Pro Talent was fortunate enough to catch her on the phone this morning and really enjoyed speaking with her. She’s got a strong grip on her career, has a fantastic aura about her and she’s a knock dead gorgeous babe to boot.

TPT: When did you sign with Jill Kelly Productions?

AM: I signed with them in January 2002.

TPT: You only do Girl-Girl scenes on the most part. I’ve noticed that many girls start out that way but then after a short time in the business, they start doing more things for more work and money. Did you do more when you started, then decided to only do Girl-Girl or have you just stuck to your guns?

AM: Strictly all girl, no anal. I still don’t even do that in my personal life. Tried it, but it’s not really something that’s for me. It’s been the same, but I did do a Boy-Girl movie in July for my fans as a gift. The movie is called Erotic Focus and will be released in October.

TPT: Who was the lucky guy?

AM: My husband of 8 years. He’s done other photography work with me, magazines and we actually did another movie together years ago., “Search for the Snow Leopard.” [Ultimate/Adam & Eve pictures]

TPT: So he’s obviously not shy performing in front of the cameras…

AM: No he’s not. I try to keep him out of the business as much as I can.

TPT: But in general you chose the Girl-Girl path. Is that working out for you, are you ever critiqued about not doing more?

AM: I’m more of a pretty girl. I like my girls soft and pretty. I do a series called When the Boys are Away The Girls Will Play….I picked it up at #6 in the series, now we’re up to 15. Last year at #8 we decided to kick it up a notch, instead of doing the ‘put me to sleep’ girlie scenes, we started giving it an edge. Using jessica drake, Jenna Haze, Shayla La Veaux, Nicole Sheridan, Shyla Styles we made it more edgy, had anal, DP, hardcore and the film raps up with a 6 girl orgy.

TPT: Why did you make a decision to get a little edgier?

AM: It’s hard when you’re doing all girls because fans want to know, “are you ever going to do Boy-Girl?” That’s why I decided to do the Boy-Girl scene recently. In the meantime, I was trying to kick up the notch of my Girl-Girl scene. It’s hard to keep fans when there’s nothing really exciting going on. I read all reviews…it’s hard to keep their attention when you’re doing Girl-Girl only.

TPT: Honestly, I’m not a fan of Girl-Girl scenes. I can watch it and appreciate their beauty for a moment, but I can’t jack off to it.

AM: I understand that, but it’s the choice I made.

TPT: Ok, you’re with your man 8 years. Did that play a factor in what you do on camera?

AM: People thought that’s why I only do Girl-Girl. Not true. I got wrapped into the business so fast. I didn’t have a chance to think about things and then when I had time to breathe, I made choices. When you start, people tell you to do it all. I came back and said, ‘these are my grounds, here’s what I want to do.’ People try to add other things, ‘what about a limited Boy-Girl thing,’ but I said ‘NO, this is what I want to do.’ When I met Jill she told me she would never pressure me to do anything I didn’t want to do. She has always made me comfortable and allowed me to go as far as I want to go.

TPT: Did Jill push you to do anal? I’ve heard she really likes shooting her girls in anal scenes.

AM: I don’t think she really pressures anyone to do it. She just lets you know there’s a lot more money in those areas. Doesn’t expect you to do them. She asks you when you get into the biz, what do you do, and as things progress, she’ll offer you things and propose things to you, but if you want to do it, you can. Same with feature dancing. You don’t have to go dance, but she lets us know there’s a lot of money to be made there. I do know there was a lot of gossip saying ‘you have pretty girls but the sex scenes seem fake.’ Much like the talk about Vivid films, but I think the Vivid films are hot. Jill heard the cry from the fans and she said “We need to pick it up a notch.” She became more aggressive as a result. She also told the girls, the harder we get in film, the more money we’ll make. And the reviews have been better since. When you watch Jill in a movie, you know she ain’t faking it. Jill always says, “If you can’t fool the camera crew, then you can’t fool anyone.” She wants everyone to believe it and enjoy it.

TPT: Tell us about life before JKP. Your start in the biz.

AM: I was in the business in ’98 and ’99, doing a lot of magazines, Suze Randal scooped me up and shot me multiple times for many magazines. Then I signed a contract with Ultimate/Adam and Eve for about 7 or 8 months before taking a hiatus.

TPT: The hiatus was a re-focus portion of your career?

AM: Yes. Then I kept seeing me all over the web. Other people making money on my image and I thought if other people are still making money on me, I’m going to go back into it and make money for myself.

TPT: Name something you hate about the adult industry.

AM: I hate stereotypes. Every time someone calls me a porn star I cringe. ‘That’s not me,’ I think to myself. But it is. I have fans that email me and ask questions and get to know what my real life is all about. Then I hate it when fans write and ask me out to dinner while I’m visiting their city feature dancing. I keep my business life and my personal life separate, unless you’re a sexy girl doin’ me on film. I’ll take her home for my man, I’m not selfish, I’ll share.

TPT: How about something you love about the biz?

AM: The money of course. I think the best thing for me is the Las Vegas Convention every January. It’s so funny. It’s a whole different world. There’s no negativity or anything. You feel like a mainstream actress. You walk the halls, everyone is taking pictures. You get chills, people are yelling your name and making you feel like the best thing. People wait an hour or two hours in line just for your autograph. Other girls take lunch breaks, I don’t. I feel bad leaving people who have been waiting in line. I’m just a normal person who has sex for a living and here are these people in awe of meeting you. The feeling is unbelievable. The funniest things is, we stay at the Venetian, dressed in next to nothing, older people get in the elevator and I can feel them thinking “she is such a floozy” then they turn around and say “honey you look so pretty”. It’s like wow!

TPT: [laughs] Only in Vegas

AM: Exactly. It’s funny, you see dads covering the eyes of four year olds when I walk by.

TPT: I coach little league and on the last Vegas trip I was walking the halls wearing a graphic sex shirt, surrounded by half naked hotties and I saw some parents, with their kids, from my little league team. I couldn’t believe it. I ducked down and turned away but almost got nailed as the coach who also is involved in porn.

AM: [laughs] I bartend here in Arizona and many don’t know what I do. My neighbors or people I know on the PTA, I would be so embarrassed if they knew what I did for a living. My neighbors gotta be wondering…they ask what I do. I’m gone a lot but no one really asks anything.
TPT: Do you do any shooting at your house?

AM: I’m fortunate enough to live near Jenna [Jameson]. A lot of my internet stuff I do at her house or at the Club Jenna office. Pretty much all the stuff I do is there. And I commute to LA a lot to shoot for Jill. At least one full week a month.

TPT: Does anyone in your family know what you do. Are friends supportive?

AM: Everybody except my mother. How bad is that? My dad knows because he opened a magazine and saw me. I’m the oldest of 6 kids, pretty much everyone except my youngest sister knows.

TPT: Can you trust everyone to keep the news away from mom?

AM: Yes. They know what mom’s like. My dad just wants to make sure I’m safe. My mom knows some things because I’m out of town a lot and I can’t hide it. But she thinks I just sign for magazines, doesn’t know I do adult.

TPT: And if mom found out?

AM: Kill me and disown me, to put it lightly. That would be best case scenario.

TPT: How were you raised? Big on a nationality culture or religion?

AM: Strong catholic background – parents divorced young but strong loving family.

TPT: I always say Catholic girls are the horniest.

AM: Yes

TPT: I grew up in an Italian family. They hate what I do now, if I did porn as talent, they’d probably disown me.

AM: The fact that I’m not in the mix in the porn world, just working and coming home and having a separate real life, makes it really nice. It’s almost like I have two lives. It keeps me down to earth, a real person and keeping me out of the negatives in the biz. I’m not a porn star 24/7. My mother in law loves me as the perfect wonderful person and has no idea what I do.

TPT: Every girl has a horror story. Tell us about something horrible that has happened to you in this business.

AM: I really don’t have one. I’m a pretty smart girl. I don’t put myself in situations where I know that would happen. When I’m out doing signing, I’m not the one who’s drinking. I’m like the mother of the group. I make sure all the girls leave with their purses and stuff. That’s why I’m under contract too because I know all the same people, if there’s someone I don’t know, I take someone with me. I never put myself in situations where bad can happen and I’ve been fortunate enough where things like that don’t happen. I’ll pass up big money if I can’t find a security person. Feature dancing people say ‘Don’t worry about it, they have people at the club.’ I won’t do it. I value my life.

TPT: Aside from Jill Kelly, where we can see you have respect, who do you look up to in the adult business?

AM: Jenna…well who doesn’t?! It’s cool that I’ve had the opportunity since I’m living in Arizona. People say, ‘she’s a bitch,’ I’m like, ‘WHAT?’ she and her husband are the two coolest, nicest people. Of all people that have the right to be a bitch, she does and she’s not. I saw her once in a club and I didn’t say anything because it was Jenna. I didn’t want to act weird and she was like, ‘Hey Ashton, come here and talk to me.’ I was like, ‘OK.’ She did a thing with Stern and she called me and asked, ‘do you want to come over and be a part of it?’ Things like that, she’s really cool.

TPT: Is there a person or company in the business that you think is doing good things for the adult industry?

AM: AIM is fabulous. A huge impact on the adult industry. They keep it a lot safer. In a personal sex life, you don’t know who your with? AIM tests for all kinds of things, they keep things a lot safer. A million times safer then most people’s personal lives.

TPT: Ashton Moore for fun. Do you do the club thing, golf, knitting, what?

AM: Bartending keeps me out in the scene without getting in trouble. I work out and I tan. Take my dogs around the lake across the street. I visit my dad in Havasu and go boating. I rent movies a lot. Double up on movies and make margaritas and order in sushi.

TPT: Margaritas and sushi. Sounds like a great combination.

AM: Mmmm and don’t forget the chocolate cake for desert.

TPT: What kind of videos do you rent?

AM: Comedy. I love to laugh.

TPT: When will you know when you’re porn career has ended. When your contract with Jill Kelly runs out, will you re-sign?

AM: I don’t have any plans on actively staying in the business after my six year contract runs out. I just bought my first house. I promised myself I wanted to reach that goal and did last week. In six years from now I’m going to be old. It’ll be funny to see what new girls come up and make it big but I look forward to be able to enjoy watching porn again. I’ll be old then. I’ll be done in the biz. Probably will keep the website going though.

TPT: The JKP girls will be hosting a party at BarFly in Hollywood Wednesday night. Will you be there?

AM: Because I live in Arizona there’s always parties going on that I miss. I’m never there, I’m a contract girl, I can’t afford to be there [laughs]. But it’s good because I miss all the drama.
TPT: Tell us where fans can find you.

AM: Well, this month I’m feature dancing in Sacramento at the Gold Club and Centerfolds. I’m dancing at the club then signing at the book store. Dancing Tuesday, September 23rd thru Saturday the 27th. Signing on the 26th and 27th. I’m also going to be with all the JKP girls at the East Coast Video Show in Atlantic City, September 29th through October 1st.

TPT: Is there a place fans can get in touch with you?

AM: Absolutely. Fans can write to me at: 7349 North Via Paseo Del Sur, Ste 515, #190, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 and of course I do live chats on my website once a month, in fact I have one tonight at 6:00pm (PST).

TPT: Other appearances of note?

AM: Yes, I will be appearing on radio show The Young and The Curious on with Jason Sechrest, October 17th at 6:00pm. I called Jason and said, ‘I know you had some problems with other JKP girls, but I’m telling you right now, unless I’m dead, I’ll be there. And even if I die, I’ll call you to cancel.’

TPT: Jill Kelly girls and KSEX seem to have silently worked out their issues. All the girls have been showing up and everyone’s happy again. Alexis Amore’ of course never had a problem with KSEX. She kept coming even when they told her not to.

AM: Out of all the JKP girls, Alexis busts her butt the most – she never lets anyone down….signings, gigs, she’s unbelievable!

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