An open letter to Barry Nelson, Anthony Brooks, & Kelly Robinson

Monica Foster

You morons have supported Monica Foster and her stupidity for too long. You gullible idiots believe all of the defaming lies that she writes about people. One of the biggest reasons why Foster continues with her BS, is because you 3 Stooges continue to support her and give her attention.

Here is your warning: You are to discontinue your association with Monica Foster aka Alexandra Mayers which includes favoriting and retweeting her tweets, watching her YouTube videos, and supporting her in anyway. If you continue, we will play Foster’s games with you three. We will post more blogs about you three on this website,, and etc. We will EMBARRASS you online for supporting a well documented stalker and associate you with all the death threats and everything else that she has made. We will make sure that your family, friends, employers, and others that you associate with will see this! Monica Foster is a bully/stalker/terrorist and you three Stooges continue to support her and encourage her to continue with her attacks.

Keep supporting her! Watch how far we take it because those who support Monica Foster will now be outed and smeared online for her shit! We’re fighting fire with fire because this is what Foster does, she attacks friends/family/and others that associate with those that she bullies, which is why she’s being sued for defaming Jennifer Randazza.

You three better make your choices wisely because this is an all out war in taking out this race baiting stalker who is desperate for love and attention.

This goes for EVERYONE else who supports Monica Foster. It’s time to play her bullshit games & see how she likes it.

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  1. Will never happen. What do they have to lose? If they get smeared, they’ll feel like heroes and save a hos and Foster will be endeared to them even more for taking a bullet for her.

    Blacks defend blacks at all costs. Blacks will defend black child rapists and murderers just because they’re black. That’s just the way it is. Monica Foster is a horrible person but she has the unconditional support of these stooges. It’s a sickness, a disease. Most blacks in America are very sick individuals.

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