And The Bitch Bows Down! Brad Armstrong/Rodney Hopkins Concedes After Fierce Battle With Donny Long!

Once again Donny Long has swarmed one of his adversaries like an African bee and made them concede the argument and utilize their block function on Twitter to stop the savage beating. Donny Long TKOs Brad Armstrong real name Rodney Hopkins mid way through the fight!


This is just the start of things for Mr. Hopkins as he will get a robust Porn Wiki Leaks wiki in short order and a blog or three on their front page which gets TENS OF THOUSANDS of views per day. Hopkins is a scumbag, liar and scam artist that barked up the wrong tree trying to slander the President-Elect thinking he could score money but his ambitious plan failed. And now he is in for eight years of butt hurt. What will Rodney’s porn career be looking like in the year 2024? As tube sites have taken over in 2016, it is likely Mr. Hopkins will be changing oil, working as a waiter or a Walmart greeter by then. MAINSTREAM Porn is dead and anyone in it that doesn’t start their own endeavor will be left behind and this means you, Hopkins!



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