Andy San Dimas arrested for refusing to sit down at Pittsburgh Pirates game

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from – Police in Pittsburgh have launched a probe into one of its officers after he posed for a picture with a porn star while wearing a unicorn’s head.

The offending photograph, posted on Twitter, shows the rubber-masked officer posing playfully in the foyer of a police station next to laughing adult actress Andy San Dimas.

The cop was caught in the compromising position after San Dimas was thrown out of a Pirates baseball game and arrested for refusing to sit down while performing a sexy dance in the stands.

The 26-year-old pornstar, who has starred in films including Shades of Kink and Lesbian Nanny Tales, was hauled down to the local police station where she was read her rights… but not before persuading one of the duty officers to pose in the silly mask.

She later posted the image on Twitter which instantly went viral as users shared the picture and dubbed the mysterious officer the ‘Unicorn Cop’.

Acting Pittsburgh Police Chief Regina McDonald said in a statement: ‘We are aware of the photos on the Internet (Facebook) and are currently investigating the incident.

‘At this time we have not identified the individual or the circumstances surrounding this photo.’

The investigation is understood to to be probing whether the officer’s behaviour was appropriate under the circumstances.

Before her arrest, San Dimas had posted a string of photographs of her wearing the mask in and around the Pittsburgh Pirates’ home ground during a trip with porn director and producer Steviee Hughes.

But during the game San Dimas, who was in town for a performance in a night club [Cheerleaders], stood up and danced, shaking her backside in rhythm with the music blaring from the tannoy, while wearing the mask.

Deadspin reported that when she was asked by an usher to sit down, she replied: ‘Oh, I’m sorry I was trying to have a good time at the f***ing Pirates game!’

Hughes leapt to the officers defence today after news of the internal police probe surfaced.

‘We don’t want him getting in any trouble because he didn’t do anything wrong,’ she told ABC’s Channel 4 Action News.

‘We took (the picture) down because we don’t want him to get in any trouble because there’s no reason he should be in trouble.’

She said they had been wearing to mask all day, asking other baseball fans to wear it, taking pictures and posting them on Twitter.

‘[The officers] thought the unicorn mask was funny. They all asked if they could put it on and take pictures with it. Everybody was just having fun with it, thought it was funny. The mask was not the issue at all,’ said Hughes.


The girl with the unicorn mask was sitting in the seats directly in front of us, with a friend of hers. Her friend started talking with the people sitting next to us, and mentioned that she was in town to dance at Cheerleaders and that she was a “major triple x star.” Didn’t catch a name. If I remember correctly they have something called the “unicorn army,” in which they take pictures of themselves wearing the unicorn mask in various places and post the pictures to Instagram.

Anyway, between the top and bottom of the sixth inning, we convinced her to put the mask on and start doing a dance at the bottom of the stairs of our section, because there was a camera guy looking at us from the field. She was doing her sexy stripper dance, but keeping her clothes on, and an usher in the moat between our seats and the really, really fancy seats asked her to stop a couple times, but she ignored him. He radioed something into his shoulder walkie talkie and walked away and she sat down before the bottom of the inning started. Right around the time it did, a security guy came by our seats, and standing in the moat, motioned to her to come talk to him. Instead of pleading her case, she got up and decided to just leave, but not without screaming “OH I’M SORRY I WAS TRYING TO HAVE A GOOD TIME AT THE FUCKING PIRATES GAME.” It was pretty magical, all in all.

She was wearing a Neil Walker shirt for some reason, despite the fact that she wasn’t from Pittsburgh and he’s injured. Also, the people next to her said they could tell from her glassy eyes that she was on heroin, which if true, makes the whole thing even better I think. Me and my dad were just in town from New York to see the Mets series, and that was some shit that we definitely never saw at Citi Field.

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