Andy San Dimas: I was just drunk like everyone else at the stadium; we were not being arrested

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from – PNC Park is not the usual setting for Internet celebrity culture. But that changed when porn star Andy San Dimas took her unicorn head to a Pirates’ ballgame on July 13. Reports, photos and video filled websites and social media showing the 26 year-old dancing in the stands wearing said unicorn head. Apparently among the young people these days, not just porn stars, posing while wearing a unicorn head in an unexpected place is a thing.

The story took a slightly (well, slightly) more serious, um, bounce when after being ejected from the stadium San Dimas posed with a police sergeant donning the unicorn head. The Pittsburgh police have announced that they are investigating this photo.

San Dimas is known for her frequent appearance in pornographic parodies of mainstream movies (Breaking Bad XXX, This Ain’t the Expendables XXX, and The Dark Knight XXX). She is currently on a tour of strip clubs as a feature dancer; she was reached by phone shortly after landing in New York.

Q: Why did you take your unicorn head out to the ballgame?

First of all: the unicorn thing. I am not really into that stuff. I am not into that trend. Now I am, because I have to be. My friend who was helping as my roadie on the trip brought the mask with her. She sent me a photo of it the night before and said she was bringing it to Pittsburgh.

We drove past PNC Park and we just thought it was so beautiful. It is right on the water and we were in awe of it. And, we wanted to do something in Pittsburgh because we had just lain around at the hotel all day.

We had done nothing with the mask before that. I am not one to really draw attention to myself unless I am getting paid. I am a quiet in person.

Q: Well how did the quiet person who happened to be with the person who happened to have the unicorn mask wind up dancing in the aisle wearing it?

I was drinking. That made things a little different. I wasn’t on drugs or anything. I was just drunk like everyone else at the stadium. Tequila and beer will get you a little tipsy. I wasn’t belligerent or anything.
I am not one to really draw attention to myself unless I am getting paid.

We started posing with the mask here and there. And, different Pirates fans–especially the gay guys– started to come up to us and ask to wear the mask and take a picture with it. It was becoming a thing. I really wasn’t wearing it all that much. It was mostly other people. We were barely in our seats. We were mostly walking around the stadium, going to the food, drinking at the bar–basically getting the experience of being there, not so much watching the baseball.

Q: How is it then that you were thrown out?

I put the mask on really quick. I was drunk. I stood up in the aisle. That was the issue that I had stood up in the aisle. I probably had the mask on for 20 seconds. I am not one to kiss-off authority or at least I don’t go out of my way to do it. The usher who asked me to sit down, I couldn’t see or hear him. The ballgame was loud and I couldn’t see because I was wearing a unicorn mask.

But if you look at the video I was not twerking or doing sexy stripper dancing. If I danced like that at a club I would never be feature dancing. It is me moving back and forth in a silly way. This was not a sexual stripper dance.

Finally, an usher came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder and I immediately took the mask off. He said, “You need to leave.” And, I left with him. I wasn’t arrested.

Q: So, how does the police officer wind up in the unicorn mask?

They took us up to the security office. It was not a police station. But there were about 10 officers there in uniform hanging out including female officers. There was nothing crazy about what happened up there. All he said is we were being ejected and we were not being arrested. The police officers were laughing when they heard why we were ejected and they were making jokes about it.

It is sad that there is a controversy over a cop being nice to someone. No one was being sexual. I don’t think the officers knew I was a porn star. I was in the office about 5 minutes while they got our information. Then we left.

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