Angel of Death Tim Tritch aka “Jilted” Says Marc Wallice Never Forged His HIV Tests

There is a guy named Tim Tritch who posts on Mike South’s message boards. He is Mike’s little butt buddy and parrots everything South says. He still posts under the name Jilted, even though everyone knows who this asshole is.

Mike recently allowed Tritch to make a post on his main page. He talks about Marc Wallice and claims that Wallice never forged his tests. He breaks down all these events that happened 15 years ago. He says everything with such certainty and when one or two people question him, he scoffs at the notion of being questioned. Because he was there and he was part of it and what he says goes. I’ve never read more things from somebody who is obviously unstable. As far as I’m concerned, Tim Tritch has opened a Pandora’s Box.

He’s now talking about being involved with AIM during the Marc Wallice situation. He says Marc Wallice never faked his tests and everything that happened with Wallice was legit and that he was just a poor sonofabitch who ended up testing positive for HIV.

Here we go again. The only two HIV outbreaks where there were no loose ends and there was actually on set transmission, Tim Tritch was involved. We talked about Tritch being involved in the Darren James episode This was a case where there were no bloody penises involved, no shoots, no transsexual barebacking, no gay crossovers, etc. From all accounts, Darren James came back from Brazil and transmitted HIV to four girls. Nobody said that these girls did anything to increase their chance of getting HIV, no gay boyfriends, etc. They just got the unlucky AIDS load.

Now, when we all thought Marc Wallice was Mr. Irresponsible and was faking his tests and his viral load was off the charts and he was running around purposely giving people HIV, now Tim Tritch is telling everybody, “No, no, no. I was involved. Marc Wallice came in and he tested positive.” He happened to have done scenes with girls between the time of his last negative test to his positive diagnosis and passed HIV to them. Tricia Devereaux, Brooke Ashley, Caroline, etc. just happened to be the unlucky recipients.

Does anybody else find it bizarre that someone who goes on message board and talks about blood being spilled in the business, talks about blowing up the business with a nuclear bombs and recites Kenny Roger lyrics is involved with two HIV cases that had no links to crossovers, trannyfucking, bloody dicks. All of the things that we heard about in the last few outbreaks had loose ends, from gay hustlers to girlfriends of gay hustlers to Public Disgrace shoots with multiple untested people involved to allegations of prostitution by Mike South of Sofia Delgado. They all had circumstances that explained how they might have gotten HIV.

What were all the cases that were basic boy girl sex? Marc Wallice and Darren James. And the man at the heart of both those cases is Tim Tritch aka Jilted. Are you gonna say this is all coincidental? In this age where you hear of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals purposely infecting patients with HIV, hepatitis and other diseases? We’ve all heard of these scandals.

Now, I don’t have any proof that Tim Tritch aka Jilted infected people. If you look at all the recent cases of HIV that had loose ends, Tim Tritch wasn’t involved. But if you look back ten years ago, he was involved with that and he was involved in the cases five years before that. It’s like a serial killer who kills and kills, it gets hot and he stops, then picks it back up again when it cools down. Remember, Tim Tritch has been constantly pushing for condom mandates and for the business to close down. His recent posts even talk about how animals are protected better than the people in the porn business. This is a man hell bent on getting this industry shut down. And how do you get the industry shut down? Some HIV cases. Some HIV cases with people getting infected at an alarming rate.

When the Marc Wallice thing happened, the industry went into panic mode, but it weathered the storm and resumed. Tim Tritch is jilted. Then five years later, the Darren James episode. Industry freaks out but survives. But this time AIM is in the firing line and soon closes. Tim Tritch is gone. He starts lobbying with whoever he can to get the business shut down. He goes to Weinstein at AHF. When they realize he can’t bring them anything, they cut him loose. Then he goes and works for LATATA. Why? Why would he go and work with a man who has an escort agency and pimps out girls? Unless you need to get close to the talent that you need to get sick to prove your point. LATATA falls through. He’s cut loose. So who does he turn to? Mike South.

Now he sits on Mike South’s message board and just drums up bullshit. Now that I’ve come on the scene in the last year and smoked this rat angel of death out of his hole and with all the things going on in the business right now, he starts unraveling and reciting songs. He starts posting, “I know more about disease than you Rob Black kazoo.” Of course you do. I would expect a guy who has been at the heart of all the HIV infections that we’d never had before would know a lot about diseases, how they’re spread, how they’re transmitted and how to transmit them. Possibly with dirty needles.

Tim Tritch says Marc Wallice was clean and showed up one month with HIV, never forged his tests and just happened to have infected a bunch of girls in that window.

Before you call me a conspiracy theorist and say I’m nuts, go to Mike South’s message board and read the posts of Tim Tritch aka Jilted. Do some research on this guy and see if what I’m telling you is the truth.

I’ve told you time and time again. I am presented with information. I take that information and put it in a cohesive order and we start connecting the dots. When those dots lead us to conclusions, then we talk about those conclusions. The conclusions I’ve come up with are Tim Tritch was at the heart of two HIV cases that didn’t involve risky behavior and which resulted in HIV being transmitted on set. When Tim Tritch isn’t involved, there is information that explains the later outbreaks. Gay escorting, crossover boyfriends and other factors that point to a possible source of infection.

Conspiracy or no conspiracy, we need to start watching this guy Tim Tritch. This is a guy who would show up at an abortion clinic and shoot the doctor. This is a guy who would set off bombs. This is a guy who talks about blood being spilled and turning the adult industry into Nagasaki. This is a guy who’s dangerous. This is a guy who’s scary.

Don’t take my word for it. Read his posts and draw your own conclusions. He’s involved in the Marc Wallice case and says he didn’t forge his tests. Five years later, he’s involved with Darren James.

Scary fucking shit.

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