Angelina Armani Not Eligible for Best New Starlet?

Gene sez: actually it’s AVN that looks stupid; her “suitcase pimp” was only trying to slip one in there.

Posted on – I’m annoyed. I hate when people set rules then don’t bother to follow them and today that includes Angelina Armani and her people. I think they should yank her nomination and bitch slap her suitcase pimp / boyfriend for fraudulently submitting her nomination in the first place. You know he is the one who submitted her pre-nom and you know he did so knowing she didn’t qualify.

Angelina Armani does not meet the qualifications for the award she was nominated for!

I was at the AVN Awards website today after seeing a tweet that said that for a movie to qualify for an AVN 2010 nomination it must be in retail stores by September 30, 2009. It make sense then that similar deadlines for all categories. So basically the time period would be from October 1, 2008 to September 30, 2009. Anything that takes place between those dates qualifies for the eligibility period for the category in question. Anything before or after doesn’t count.

Angelina Armani entered the adult business in late 2007. She didn’t really do much but according to a biography her own PR people wrote shows she first came into the business in late 2007 and became more active by mid-2008 and signed on to be a Digital Playground contract girl in October of 2008 – the beginning of the eligibility for the AVN 2010 qualification for best NEW starlet.

Angelina Armani decided to make the leap into Adult. A brief flirtation in late 2007 with porn soured Armani on the industry. In mid-2008 the blonde made a second attempt, this time Armani fully committed to the job and with a new look, she began attracting a lot of attention and was steadily booked by her then agency (Type9 Models).

However prior to signing with Digital Playground in October of 2008 she had already had been in the industry making movies, making her qualify for the nomination for AVN 2009 Best New Starlet had anyone bothered to submit her nomination, which apparently nobody did.

By the time she signed with Digital Playground she had already done work for Hustler, Shane’s World, Digital Sin, New Sensations, and Lethal Hardcore. So she isn’t a NEW starlet in 2010. Sure she may just be getting more popular but that doesn’t change the fact that she isn’t NEW. She began performing in 2007. Do all of these movies not fucking count? And if not, why the fuck don’t they?

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