Angie Savage to Go Into the Hot Dog Business

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DIXON (CBS13) – A former porn star is about to get into the hot dog business – in a most unlikely spot.

Angie Savage will test-market her mobile restaurant idea in the city of Dixon.

The former adult actress who starred in more than 90 films will call her business “Angie’s Wieners.”

“I don’t know how that will work in Dixon, but you never know,” one resident said.

But another predicted success after seeing Angie’s photo. “Oh yeah, she’s going to sell hot dogs,” she said.

Her business motto: “The biggest wieners and the hottest buns.”

Reached by phone in L.A., Angie didn’t see why her venture wouldn’t succeed in Dixon.

“Who doesn’t like a good wiener?” she asked.

Angie said she just wants a chance. “What I did in the past is what I did in the past,” she said. “I’m stepping away from that completely and starting a new chapter.”

She said she’d set up at the Dixon Fairgrounds on Saturday.

One resident promised she’d check it out. “It’d be a lot of fun to go in and see how it’s … served up,” she said.


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