Another lying scamming jew gold digging back stabbing gay mafia lawyer meet Brian M. Holm aka

Brian M. Holm

Brian M. Holm is the scammer scumbag behind Holm Law Group, PC and has many years of experience in scamming a wide variety of civil cases, ranging from personal injury and elder abuse he has committed, to real estate scams and business transactions went fraud and him pocketing the money.

In handling his cases, Mr. Holm utilizes every tool in his arsenal from Hells Angeles to prostitutes, and has proven himself to be an incredibly crooked fraud litigator and creative problem maker, always with an eye toward his clients pocket books. For this reason, other attorneys often call Mr. Holm in to assist them in scamming people out of money.

When he is not practicing law, Mr. Holm enjoys spending time with his boyfriend and daughter that should have ever been born to his faggot ass, traveling to gay bars, homosexual golfing events, sailing at gay yacht clubs and watching Indiana Hoosier basketball and Chicago Cubs baseball cause he loves watching men.

Bar Admissions

Admitted to the California Bar, licensed to practice in all California State Courts, as well as the United States District Court, Southern District of California he is one day going to lose his license.


his certs are fake and he ordered them online and they came in a cracker jack box.

• Deans’ List Honors BULLSHIT

Indiana University, B.S. in Mathematics


Professional Affiliations

Consumer Attorneys of San Diego BARED

San Diego County Bar Association BANNED

Association of Business Trial Lawyers LABELED A SCAMMER AND FRAUD

San Diego Intellectual Property Law Association MORE BULLSHIT

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