Another MIA? Drew Rosenfeld and Hustler Video

Why have things been so quiet at Hustler?

I’m not talking about the pending lawsuits or about hepatitis C.

Are they even shooting movies anymore? I haven’t heard that Hustler is in any production whatsoever. Is Hustler Video, Drew Rosenfeld that whole crew, are they even shooting anymore?

I haven’t heard one iota of information that they are shooting. I haven’t heard of any actresses appearing in any epic Hustler films, haven’t heard of anybody making Die Hard parodies or any movies on top of the Hustler building.

I haven’t heard a goddamn peep outta Hustler. Normally you have Drew tweeting about this production or that production and girls posting blogs about their latest, greatest Hustler movie. We hear nothing.

My question is are Hustler and crew still in the adult movie game right now or have they quietly packed up and closed shop?

It make sense considering Larry Flynt has recently purchased New Frontier Media. That’s NOOF, a publicly traded company that his long time friend and lawyer Alan Isaacman basically controls.

My question would be why would Larry and them lay their balls on the line and get their hands dirty in the field of production? With all the stuff going on, with syphilis and condoms and hep C, somebody inside of Hustler must’ve said, “Guys, we just purchased New Frontier media. We are the pipeline for every single one of these production companies to actually exist.

Why are we out laying out 30, 40, 60 thousand dollar budgets, half of which goes right into producers’ pockets, like Axel Braun, when we can just sit here and make deals with all of these studios and license their content for our cable channel?

They could even go to a studio and say hey, we would be willing to license your content that you make if you produce it a certain way for us. That way they could have whatever movie they want without the liability issues and trying to recoup production costs.

Do they really have to go shoot hepatitis C positive Alex Gonz in a non condom scene that’s supposed to be condom because they’ve already been violated once? Who needs that shit?

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they’ll start shooting just to say, “See Rob Black? We are shooting! NA NA NANA NA!” Maybe Drew Rosenfeld will stick his tongue out at me and say “Blaaah, We’re still shooting!”


But I haven’t heard shit from Hustler Entertainment. The only thing I’ve heard is Larry’s selling a whole bunch of shit. I heard the building on Wilshire is done. I heard the Canoga Park property is sold or the lease is up. Axel Braun is officially at Wicked and has a contract where he doesn’t have to roll around the valley shooting for every Tom, Dick and Harry like Hustler.

So is Hustler still shooting? Or have they quietly closed down the production wing of their company? Again, it would make sense. Why would you keep Drew and the production team and the overhead of the studio when you own the biggest distribution market in the entire fucking world that involves pornography?

Remember guys, New Frontier is a publicly traded company. I can’t imagine a smart guy hasn’t come down and said, “Hey, we’re a publicly traded company, let’s start acting like it.”

“Why are we getting dirty with these porn scumbags and their hep C?”

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