Another Reason “No” on Measure B Failed – Mr. Marcus; Blame Diane Duke

Aside from what I said earlier that mainstream people just do not like porn people another reason that “No” on Measure B tanked is Mr. Marcus.

And I blame Diane Duke for a lot of that. At the height of this debate on condoms and STDs, Duke, having wrapped a security blanket around Marcus, had no business trotting him out for a press junket. This matter should have been contained within the walls of FSC, a statement released by an attorney, and left at that. But to exacerbate an already inflamed issue, Marcus, like a loose cannon, began giving interviews of his own to the mainstream press.

Obviously none of this was lost on the public-at-large who saw Marcus, a highly visible industry performer, behaving like an irresponsible douchebag willing to compromise the health of other performers for a few lousy bucks. What Marcus did validated long held suspicions that people in the industry are irresponsible and only have their overactive libidos and self-interests in mind.

For her part in this calamity, the most irresponsible of all, Duke, should have been fired, not given a contract extension.

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