Another Thought Over Another Margarita: Mike South is Appalled But He Wasn’t Last Week

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Rob Black, Monica Foster and myself have been trying to tell you this industry is out of control and needs reform. Now it’s revealed that Alex Gonz [pictured] who was with LA Direct has been HEP positive for at least six weeks and has worked the entire time.

You got to believe that Derek Hay knew about this but went through a charade last week with performer Clover lending the impression that Hay and LATATA had the talents’ best interests at heart.

Add to that the fact that Mike South, a regular Captain Save a Ho, though he’s been known to clock a stripper or two while under the influence, aided and abetted the entire operation.

South writes today that he’s appalled with the developments in the Gonz story. Of course you see how quickly South will turn on a dime, and before this week is out he’ll be serving Derek Hay on a silver platter.

And South’s keyboard warriors have the nerve to talk about Black?

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