Anyway You Look at It The Farrah Abraham Tape is Another Scam

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from – Is a Farrah Abraham sex tape in the works? According to Abraham’s alleged co-star, male porn star James Deen, 27, the answer to that one is a big, steamy, “YES! Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

Well, we may have embellished Deen’s confirmation just a tad, but the fact remains that TMZ caught up with Deen, who recently starred in the critically-panned mainstream flick, “The Canyons” (also starring Lindsay Lohan), to get his official word on the reported pairing with the 20-year-old former Teen Mom star.

“Word travels fast,” Deen remarked when questioned about the rumored Farrah Abraham sex tape. “It isn’t even edited yet. We shot it yesterday,” Deen told TMZ on April 8, meaning the soon-to-be-“leaked” porn was actually filmed on April 7.

TMZ then posted a story (April 9) reporting James Deen is claiming the porn shoot was actually a “set-up” gone awry. According to Deen, Abraham wanted to leak the raunchy video as a simple “oops” of a sex tape, not a studio-produced porno flick. Hollywood gossip being what it is, it looks like the former Teen Mom star isn’t going to be able to pass this one off as anything but what it is.

For her part, the Teen Mom star isn’t so quick to confirm or deny anything. Though Deen says a Farrah Abraham sex tape is indeed being shopped to the highest bidder before its eventual release, Abraham is playing coy.

Abraham rose to a moderate level of fame several years ago when she was featured on the MTV series, which aims to shine a spotlight on the realities of young girls who become mothers before even reaching voting age.

Since her time on the show, Abraham has reportedly undergone several plastic surgery procedures, including a boob job and a chin implant. Perhaps Abraham was working on getting close-up ready in advance of her seemingly new career path?


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