APHSS: There Was Definitely an Ethiopian in the Fuel Supply

There were so many contradictions in the Clover story you lose count.

Now we have Slim Pickens saying today: “There is one story that is really sticking in my mind and it disturbs me greatly and that is the story about Diane Duke ordering a retest of Clovers blood, getting the results and making them public, all without his knowledge or permission. What do you think she would do to you? This is a really disgusting display of arrogance. I really hope Clover sues for that one.”

I may be hazy on this, but didn’t Michael Weinstein credit Mike South for breaking the story and didn’t South tell us Clover tested positive only to have Clover in a press statement say he tested inconclusive?

No matter. Counting Duke’s test, it took seven tries before we determined that Clover was negative for Syphilis. With that run of incompetence I would have to think Clover owes Diane Duke a debt of gratitude, not litigate her panties off.

Of course I say this sarcastically because seven tries to get it right tells you, to quote the immortal W.C. Fields, “It appears an Ethiopian has raided the fuel supply!”

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