“April Flores is queen of the plus-size pinups”

from- www.xtra.ca – Let’s just say it: Fat chicks are hot.

Sure, skinny chicks can be hot too, with their poking out hip bones and their little bums, but sometimes a person wants to watch someone with a little meat on their bones get screwed. It’s far more entertaining watching fat people have sex: There’s literally more to watch, more boob and more bum, more cushion for the pushin’.

If you’re like me, a fan of BBW (Big Beautiful Women) porn, you’re probably already familiar with the crimson-haired porno actress and model April Flores. A frequent Bizarre Magazine model and recently rising adult film star, this LA native is the queen of the plus-size pinups, a treasured muse of photographers like Carlos Batts (also her husband) and pinup artist Coop. With luscious curves and a sweet smile to boot, Flores has been taking the porn world by storm for a couple years now. And it’s been quite the ride.

Flores’ best film to date is the Adam and Eve Production Voluptuous Biker Babes directed by Batts. Voluptuous Biker Babes is, essentially, a film about three tough, ass-kicking females who are roaming the desert for no other reason than it seems like a good place to pose, fuck and fight. Filmed in the same location as the Russ Meyer classic Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Batts’ film is full of Technicolor hotness and often feels like a crazy, psychedelic ad for a hybrid-clothing store that’s a mix of American Apparel and Hot Topic. There’s even a dance number in the middle featuring a troupe of Solid Dust dancers. Not hot, exactly, but definitely an amusing buffer between scenes.

Flores, no question, is one of the best things about this film. In fishnets (easily split open for access), high heels and several swingin’ Vegas showgirl getups, she sparkles against the desert backdrop. The scene where the equally curvaceous Bunny De La Cruz goes down on Flores on a leopard print bed is super hot pop porno art (I am, in fact, investigating the possibility of getting it made into a T-shirt).

Since her debut in Belladonna’s Evil Pink 2, Flores has been featured in a variety of films. In addition to Voluptuous Biker Babes you can check her out in the fat-focused (largely hetero) production Waist Watchers 4 (“When you’re craving a fatty!”). If feminist or queer-positive indie production fare is more your scene, there’s also the Reel Queer Production Nostalgia: Behind the Queer Door. My biggest beef with this production, mind you, is that Flores’ scene is practically shot in the dark and the overall sound of the film sucks. Other than that, Nostalgia, is pretty hot and, in addition to watching Flores in a stiffly choreographed lesbian foursome (really a two-and-twosome) you can also watch some girl take two dildos and a golf club (not all at once but still impressive).

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