April Fool: Alana Evans To Shave and Shave Not

Radio Hosts Alana Evans and Missy Martinez pulled off one of the best April Fool’s Day pranks yesterday.

The ladies both host the Naughty Gamers show on Radio Sex, Sirius XM 103. The show is about video games, nerd culture, and sex. Both being avid
gamers, Evans and Martinez decided to do a segment during their show called the Gears Of War Showdown. Listeners enjoyed hearing Missy and Alana battling it out, one on one. A bet was made that the loser of the battle had to let the winner shave her head.

Guests of the show for the evening included Kendall Karson, Katie Summers, Allison Moore, and Destiny Jaymes. When Alana lost to Missy, the listeners could hear Missy shaving Alana’s head as she cried. In a fit of revenge, Alana threw Missy down to the floor and shaved the side of her head. Both ladies, seemingly upset, posted a photo of the duo with their shaved heads. Fans and fellow porn stars like Trinity St. Claire commented on the photos offering support.

Moments before midnight, the ladies then posted an actual photo revealing they had not really shaved their heads, and that the image was doctored by Alana Evans husband, Chris Evans. The entire segment was planned ahead as a prank, and the ladies were pleased that it was such a hit!

You can listen to the ladies live show, The Naughty Gamers Show, on Radio Sex Sirius XM 103, every Monday Night from 7pm to 9pm PST or 10pm to 12am EST. You can follow the show on twitter.com/naughtygamersx or visit their website www.thenaughtygamers.com

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