Are Any of Stagliano’s Movies Featuring Him Legal?

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It’s an early day, and an early Frangelico, but the thought just occurred to me, courtesy of Rob Black. On his show today, Black mentioned that John Stagliano never signed a model release for the scene featuring him and Katie Summers in Buttman’s Stretch Class 4.

I don’t know what the laws are concerning this, but I was always under the impression that if a performer didn’t sign a model release then the movie they’re in is illegal to distribute commercially. If that’s the case, then Stagliano is distributing Summers’ scene illegally because, while I know it sounds stupid, he didn’t sign a waiver. True or false?

If a technicality like this might invalidate distribution, then the question is also raised whether Stagliano ever signed a model release for any of the movies in the Stretch Class series. Then the question must also be asked did he ever sign a model release for any of the movies he appears in throughout his Evil Angel career?

I’m sure a legal wunderkind as an answer but the omittance of a signature has got me wondering.

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