Arizona State University Takes Exception to Sun Devil Angels Website

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from – Arizona State University believes a porno website is sullying its good name … and if it’s allowed to continue, ASU’s reputation as the Harvard of Maricopa County will forever be damaged.

Long story short … ASU is trying to shut down a website called Sun Devil Angels … which features neither Sun Devils nor Angels, but rather barely attractive young women placing various body parts in other body parts.

Naturally, the mucky mucks at Arizona State University — home of the Sun Devils — are pissed … and have taken legal action to force the site to shut down, claiming it’s violating ASU’s trademark.

ASU also claims the site features a logo that’s kinda sorta-ish similar to logos used by Arizona State.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, ASU argues … unless Sun Devil Angels is stopped immediately, the site is “likely to cause initial interest confusion among Internet users seeking information regarding ASU.”

Really? ‘Cause if you ACTUALLY BELIEVE Arizona State would be affiliated with a real-life hardcore porno website … you’re probably ASU material.

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