Arrests Made In Michael Conoscenti [Damien Michaels] Murder Case? So Claims Girlfriend In ‘Net Post


In an Internet posting dated January 7th praising the LAPD detectives for their work on the case, Courtney Conoscenti (an alias used by slain porn star Damien Michaels’ girlfriend) claims three people have been arrested in connection with the case.

From (caution: contains excessive profanity and eschews all rules of grammar):

In the case of Damien Micheals my heart,my soul my everything honey I love you so very much and I do it for YOU.EVERYTHING!for you!

Thank you god But mostly thanks to the Topanga Homicide division Homicide detective Dave P. I owe it all to you and your team for your through,quck job on almost closeing the case in which My beautiful Damien was brutally murdered,brutally stabbed to death.Thank you for treating this case his case the same way you would treat a pillar example of the commuitys murder. The same way you would treat a business sect ceos case. Thank you for not prejudicing and leaving any qualms,personal feelings out that would possibly hinder yo from doing a job well done above and beyond call. I still cant sleep well but a weight has been lifted off my sholders. Not much weight but enough weight has been lifted off my sholders
THREE PERPETRATORS are behind bars. BEHIND BARS!!!!”FINALLY”!! With the hopes of more good news to come! Being more animals locked in cages where they belonglocked in there own prison of hell As of this time I cannot give details. My apologes.But as soon as the police are done doing there jobs and its safe to I will..This sensless sad crimecould have been ANYONE it could have been you, it should have been ME ALL IM ALLOWED to say and will say so as not to mess anything thats in the works up is 3 perpetrators,murderers that coldheartedly ,greedily,pointlessly,killed my beautiful man the reason is known but FUCKEN SENSLESS!!It makes no sense to take a life for the reasons they did which i am not as of yet allocated to say.. TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN MAKEING THIS HAPPEN all involved in serving Damien and his loved ones THANK YOU so much THANK YOU for doing your jobs to your upmost ability Above and beyond call No words can express my thanks When are elections and god bless you

I’ll try tomorrow to confirm with the detectives if arrests have been made.

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