Arrow Lawsuit Seeks to Block ‘Lovelace’

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from – The production company that owns the legendary, XXX movie, “Deep Throat” is suing the producers of the new movie “Lovelace” … trying to block its release — no pun intended.

Arrow Productions — which owns the copyright to the most famous porn flick ever — is crying foul play because “Lovelace” includes 3 scenes from the seminal skin flick — no pun intended.

According to the lawsuit — obtained by TMZ — Arrow originally allowed producers of a similar film called “Inferno” to use scenes from the porn. Problem was — funding for “Inferno” dried up. That’s when the plan for “Lovelace” was hatched, but Arrow says it didn’t give permission for that project.

As for the money shot — Arrow wants at least $10 mil, and an order blocking release of the movie.

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