Article Says Digital Playground Kicked Rio Valentine to the Curb

Posted on Talk about a huge slap in the face for Morgan Dayne aka Rio Valentine, who turns out really is pregnant and well apparently Digital Playground isn’t really standing all that by her. Not to long ago we reported that Digital Playground was not even listing her as a top friend on their MySpace page and within a few days of our report they corrected that.

It was then I just assumed that the story of them standing by her was true that them not listing her was a true oversight. Now however I have photo proof [pictured] I was wrong. They have pretty much written her off and how do I know such a thing? Well they signed Kayden Kross on January 1, 2010 and she is already in their new lineup of girls. But you know who’s not shown in the latest Digital Playground ad? That’s right – Rio Valentine.

We know those are individually taken photos of Katsuni, Janie Summers, Raven Alexis, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele and Jesse Jane because this ad was sent to print back in December of ‘09 and that would have meant Kayden Kross was working with Digital Playground prior to her Adam and Eve contract expiring and surely they wouldn’t risk a lawsuit like that. Right? I mean despite all the rumors to the contrary.

Now back to the Rio Valentine part of the story. As you can see Rio Valentine has been written off by Digital Playground, as they have not really included her in any special promotions throughout the entire year, even before she was showing and now they don’t even bother to list her in their print ads.

Heck they don’t even list her as a Digital Playground girl on their own website, and fuck they list Devon, Janine and Tera Patrick – girls who haven’t been under contract with them for years and years and years.

The good news for Rio Valentine is her show on Playboy TV (Sex Lives) is hot and that alone should get her some fame and quite a few new fans.

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