Asa Akira vs Monica Foster: the Battle of Publicity

Before I get started, YES I know Asa Akira is gay Jew child rapist Mark Spiegler’s girl, lol, but this posting is based to help prove how much of a failure and loser Monica Foster is. Foster has been talking big shit lately about how she gets more publicity than the top contract girls in porn, what a fucking retard.

So let’s prove how much of a loser Foster is compared to Asa Akira, shall we.

Asa Akira has won major awards and has become a millionaire from fucking men, women, and gay men! She has a very large following on Twitter. She has had mainstream success such as being in mainstream films, being followed by the Paparazzi, published a book (people actually bought her’s and no one bought Foster’s which is why she reads it for free on YouTube). She also has a band and they have music on ITunes.

Foster has attacked Asa Akira in the past and has tried to ruin her life, like she does with so many. Last time was that Foster made a YouTube video falsely accusing Asa of endorsing pedophilia by a radio interview that she was doing. As usual, Foster and Foxx twisted facts around and perverted what Asa was stating in order to make her look bad yet bring attention to their failed selfies. Asa has never fired back at Foster because the cross-eyed fake Christian has no name and no kind of status compared to Asa. It’s like a homeless person verbally attacking the President of the United States.

Lets look at their Twitter accounts. Foster takes pride in her 13K followers that NEVER respond to her, other than Barry, Foxx, some fat gay black guy, & the other accounts that Foxx owns. Notice how Foster tweets and over 90% of her tweets never get any kind of response which includes retweets and favorites. Asa gets approx 500 retweets and approx 1000 people who favorite her tweets.

Once again, more proof that Monica Foster is a loser & a fraud who is desperate for attention and has no fame to her name.

Also, about Fostard’s recent publishing in a unkown German publishing, compare that to all the media coverage that Asa Akira gets.





  1. Why even make the comparison? Foster did a couple scenes, was a terrible performer and then crapped out of the business and is still pissed at everyone who makes money in that industry. She was no more a porn “star” than any other performer that did a few scenes and quit. The difference is that she hangs around complaining and trying to get back at everyone instead of getting a fucking life.

    • LOL! I never saw Asa Akira as an attractive woman, I guess it’s her eyes. I don’t know how she became so popular in the business. I guess fucking gay men will get a woman to the top. Look at the sick shit that Andy San Dumbass did.

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