At 2013 AEE: Web cam sex star Taylor Stevens talks 180-pound weight loss and cancer fight

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The Las Vegas Review Journal also did a piece on Stevens:

Robin Leach reports at – Online adult star and Las Vegas model Taylor Stevens is everything you’d never think a porn princess would be, but she’s loved by fans and, as a top Internet sensation, is the center of attention at the 2013 Adult Entertainment Expo.

The busty blonde is of Palestinian descent but isn’t handcuffed to Muslim beliefs about exposing flesh. A onetime Big Beautiful Woman, she weighed 300 pounds at 5’4.” She dropped 180 pounds on a strict exercise and diet routine. “I felt as confident and sexy as a larger-sized woman as I do today,” she said.

In high school, she was a straight-A student and valedictorian. On Christmas Eve 2010, she was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and is fighting the disease. Last September, she shaved off her hair to bring awareness to the fight and, wearing glamorous wigs, became more in demand. Of lymphoma, she said, “Despite the C-word looming over me, the changes inside and out just redefined what a sexy confident woman is.”

Taylor, who lives here and in her hometown of Toronto, is on a whirlwind ride up the adult-world ladder. She told me: “I live in a chaotic world. I do a lot of adult nude modeling and solo adult movies. I am not really hard-core. I don’t do any girl/girl stuff or any boy/girl stuff. It is just me behind my webcam or me in front of the camera doing my own films.

“I have been to AVN several times, but this year is a very important year for me because, my website, is nominated for Best Solo Girl Website. I am very excited. It’s pretty good to get that recognition after what I’ve been through.”

I had to ask her if she’s the most unlikely sex star. “That’s true — yes!” she laughed. I continued: “As a Palestinian, I’m guessing that you’re not supposed to show the top of your neck, let alone the top of your bust.”

“Not quite true in my case. I was born and raised in Toronto, so I am Canadian My ethnicity is Palestinian. I did have a Middle Eastern upbringing, but it wasn’t that strict; very modern, actually. I am not Muslim, so I don’t need to cover up.

“It was the weight thing that they said was crazy. I remember when I first got into the business, I was about 240 pounds, and I went up to 300 pounds. And I lost 180 in 2006. But when I first started in the industry, the one person who got me in said you are never going to make it because you are fat, and I said, ‘OK, watch me.’ ”

“When I went online and started this career, I was an instant hit. I was a very confident bigger girl, but when my health became at risk, that is when I had to do something about it. I was very successful then, and I am very successful now, so I am really happy about it.

“I have to say the C-word was one of the hardest things to ever hear; it is one of the hardest things I go through, but I didn’t give up. My father passed away when I was young, and I have his will and drive. This business and this career is something that I love to do, and cancer was not going to stop me.

“Obviously, when I went through chemo and I lost all my hair, it was tough, but I put on a wig, I put on a smile, and I got back doing what I love to because if I didn’t stay positive and if I didn’t stay doing the things that I love, I would have fallen apart and given up.

“I don’t have that in me to give up. I push myself, I pushed myself, and I was still there for my fans, and they were there for me. It’s fine, and I will be fine; I am a fighter. I am not undergoing chemo at the moment, and I am not in remission just yet, but we are waiting for radiation to take its course, and hopefully I will be cancer free this year.”

How did she get into the business? “I was a cocktail waitress and at the same time working for a mobile phone company. A friend of mine said why don’t you try web cramming, I thought it’s not me, I don’t know if it will work, and I was in a very cushy job — I didn’t want to give it up. I said let me take two weeks off from work and give it a shot. It was an instant hit, and I felt very comfortable behind the camera, so I put in my resignation to my job and committed to this whole-heartedly.

“I guess it was me measuring in at 34 HH. H for holy huge or heavy! I love them. They are mine. When I was a bigger girl, they were a 46 JJ, so I have definitely gone down in size. When I was a bigger girl, I was very proportioned, so I am able to carry a lot of weight. They don’t hurt my back.

“I’m looking forward to the expo and awards. All the stars are there; it is the Oscars of the Porn World. Everybody gets to dress up, do the red carpet, and everyone gets rewarded for their hard work that they put into the industry. Even not winning an award, just to be nominated is a big deal with AVN.

“I do my websites and from wherever I am. I travel to Toronto for health care and family, so my second home is here in Las Vegas. Every month, I go back and forth. Everywhere I am, if there is a camera, I am behind it. I have to be there for my fans. They want to see me, and I want to see them.

“My weight is down now to 128. I am very happy about that. I was down to 120. When I was going through chemo, I was down to 98 pounds because I was very sick. But I needed to start gaining my curves back, and finally I am at 128.

“I am happy with what I am doing now. I am making a name for myself. My goal is to reach as many people that I can, to broaden my fan base, to be recognized for the work that I have done, and especially to be known that I am not just a blonde with big boobs. There is a huge heart behind these boobs and a huge story behind me.

She summed up: “I live each day like it’s my last and cherish each step of this adventure.”

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