At Adult Cyber Mart: Is Jersey Jaxin The Next to Be Canonized in the Shelley Lubben Church?

Ever since she stopped whoring her body, Shelley Lubben has been getting along quite nicely on a wing, a prayer and the suckers she takes in over at the Pink Cross Foundation.

Christians throughout the world are observing Holy Week. And that’s probably why the immaculately conceived Ms. Lubben decided to preach the gospel again to the multitude.

Wearing sack cloth and ashes, Lubben’s back in the news, once again, bemoaning the fact that porn with its pimps and rapists is killing its stars.

As would be expected, blessed Shelley, the Tammy Faye Baker of porn, is now holding up the unfortunate Hunter Bryce as an example. Hunter, to bring you up to speed, died of an apparent overdose last week.

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