At Exxxotica The Tables Were Empty: Because Farrah Abraham was Charging $50 an Autograph

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from www.celewbritydirtylaundry,com – Former Teen Mom star-turned-porn actress Farrah Abraham was quite lonely at the 2013 Exxxotica Expo over the weekend. She sat at a table there with her name on it representing and was trying to pimp out some autographed photos of herself for $50.

Apparently that didn’t work out as she’d planned, because virtually no one visited her booth at the expo. She was obviously there because she’s a porn star now, but we’re guessing that she’s not the household name that she thought she was.

Look kids, this is how it ends up when you only get famous because you share a video of yourself taking it up the tailpipe for a million bucks. You’re left with no real fans, a story that you’re family is embarrassed to talk about and a daughter who will Google you (in time). Ugh. What a life. Can she take her vacant table as a sign that her fifteen minutes are already over?

What do you think? She shouldn’t have gotten famous for making some seriously poor decisions, no? Hit the comments and share your thoughts.


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