At Least Three Tiger Tell-Alls in the Works

from – New York – With the numerous women continuing to come forward to tell tales of their debauchery with former golf great Tiger Woods, one may wonder how many women out there will continue to try and cash in on their escapades.

Several women are reportedly working on unauthorized versions of tell-all books and are hoping to make some serious cash. One of those women is Hollywood madam Michelle Braun, who claims she has hooked Woods up with several paid escorts and isn’t afraid to tell everyone about it.

When Life & Style asked former long-term mistress Jamie Jungers if she’d consider putting pen to paper, she told Life & Style that she “won’t rule out anything at this stage.”

“Several publishers have contacted me to crash-write a book about Tiger,” best-selling celebrity author Ian Halperin, who has investigated the lives of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as well as Michael Jackson, tells Life & Style.

He continued, saying, “Editors at major publishing houses are frantically trying to find writers to write books about Tiger. From my understanding, at least three books will emerge in the next six months.”

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