At the FSC, Is An “Ambergate” Brewing?

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Michael Weinstein said today that he wants the Free Speech Coalition to give that $220,000 “illegal” contribution back to Manwin for the No on Measure B campaign.

Which is not the first time Weinstein’s been calling Manwin’s foreign money tainted. Good luck with that, just the same.

James Lee, who called Weinstein’s charges idiotic during the campaign, got his mitts on that dough besides the contributions extracted at the revival tent meeting held at The Sportsmen’s Lodge. Guaranteed, that money found its way into the campaign by way of Timbuktu.

As I’ve said before, Lee no doubt was on a plane the day after the election laughing his ass off at the dopes in the industry who hired a Republican to do a Libertarian’s job.

If the Free Speech Coalition, which conducts business like the Boss Tweed gang, were operating in the real world, someone would have been fired or in jail by now. That not being the case, too bad tar and feathering’s no longer a recognized social practice.

Because it’s pretty much a well known, yet a little publicly discussed fact, that the Free Speech Coalition’s a power grab and looks upon porn performers as a necessary evil to doing business.

You get a clear indication of how some people in this business are in it just for the money when a noted Times Square smut king tells the New York Daily News he was never into porn.

The same goes for Free Speech.

Even the former owner of AVN, Paul Fishbein, was no big fan of porn, though he didn’t mind the toys and houses it bought him. I remember Fishbein, a notorious germaphobe, shaking hands with performers at trade shows then making a big deal of how he needed to go to the bathroom to wash up.

No different, I suppose, than Howard Stern who I’m told is the same way with the talent. I got that first hand from some of his porn guests who saw Stern making a beeline to the bathroom after salutations were exchanged.

So now we come down to the election to put new members on the Free Speech board. There’s already been a hue and cry from the FSC over the nomination of Amber Lynn. That’s probably because Amber would ask questions. And, trusting that Free Speech would deal with her as it does others, by stonewalling, she would raise a stink.

Which is something Diane Duke, wouldn’t like at this juncture of her transparent career.

There’s also word on the street that Duke & Co. are looking to trump Bill Margold’s efforts at signing up new members to vote for Amber by making those sign-ups ineligible to vote. Some folk are calling this “Ambergate,” or, simply, making up rules as you go along.

According to Margold, another FSC board member, Mark Kernes, serves no practical purpose other than “to take up some of the buffet and go to sleep.”

I’m not making that quote up, and I’m not making up the fact that Kernes will nod off on you in the middle of a thought.

Word also on the street is that Kernes, who’s no fan of Margold’s, either, is trying to trump Margold’s Legends of Erotica show in Vegas by having Jill Nelson bring the Golden Goddesses to the AVN awards show and not to the Legends of Erotica which is held the night before. In any event, Margold is all for granting Kernes “emeritus” status thus allowing for new blood on Free Speech and getting Kernes out of the way.

If you go back into the history of Free Speech, “gate” scandals aren’t new. In what’s now known as “kitchengate,” Margold alleges that Free Speech attorney Jeffery Douglas manipulated nominations to keep Seymore Butts off the board. Douglas apparently didn’t like Butts, according to Margold, and even announced as much in the kitchen of Topco the toy company.

“That was one of the ugliest days in our business,” Margold recalls.

“That was the day that Kat Sunlove [then the executive director] said, “I want more money. She was told to leave the room and we started to discuss her.”

Margold called Sunlove “a greedy woman” and was dared to say that to her face. When Sunlove came back into the room Margold told her, “You’re getting greedy.”

Sunlove reportedly answered, “If I’m getting greedy, I won’t work as hard.”

Margold then replied, “Well, that’s what we really need to hear.”

According to Margold, Douglas made sure that Seymore wouldn’t run because he had “information” on Butts that he was using, ostensibly, as leverage. Only Douglas wasn’t telling what it was.

Margold, in turn, called for Douglas to step down and Douglas refused. At the behest of Gloria Leonard, who was nearly in tears, Margold backed off remembering the conversation coming on the night that Cal Ripken set Major League Baseball’s consecutive game record, which was September 6, 1995.

Adds Margold, “That’s also the night that Fishbein said, ‘The fans are sniffers, and the women are sluts.’” [Just like I told you earlier.]

Even with some of these people gone from the scene, what Amber is walking into, God only knows.

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