ATTENTION QUIET WATERS DEERFIELD BEACH FLORIDA: Terrorist serial child abuser drunk Victoria Violet Mayers is at it again

Everyone in the Quiet Waters Deerfield Beach Area needs to be warned about terrorist drunken serial child abusing terrorist failed hooker Victoria Violet Mayers aka Victoria Mayers aka Vicky Mayers. Her and her terrorist mass murder threat making sister Alexandra Melody Maybers and there terrorist supporting and terrorist funding mother Joan Rucker Mayers are all shooting child porn and running a terrorist ring out of 623 NW 47 Ter Deerfield Beach Florida. I will be making some and blogger pages shortly for them continuing there crimes against countless victims on Twitter. STAY TUNED AND PLEASE NEVER EVER STOP KICKING YOURSELVES YOU FUCKING IDIOT FAILURES. Here is one of about 50 I will make for the whole fucking family so keep it up idiots!


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