Ava’s Adult Store isn’t wanted, but it’s not breaking law

Tennessee- from www.tennessean.com – Plenty of residents are riled up about having Ava’s Adult in the neighborhood, but it appears the store is there to stay. It is a perfectly legal operation under current Metro law, and even new, more restrictive legislation couldn’t shut it down. Under any new legislation, Ava’s would simply be grandfathered in, and the shop at 5329 Charlotte Ave., would go on about its business.

Residents who have been calling us about the story seem to understand that and are resigned to the business, but they are still upset about Ava’s Adult’s large, red, white and blue sign with a prominent arrow that directs customers to the store.

John Foreman, principal at St. Ann School, summed it up best: “Parents have expressed concern about the large billboard that is drawing in strangers off the street into the neighborhood.”

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