AVN Hates XBiz, and Don’t Think Not

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When it came to reviews and awarding gold stars for Editors Choices, AVN used to be the only game in town. And the industry supported it unconditionally. Because it had no choice.

As Editor-in-Chief, do you think I would have put up with all of Paul Fishbein’s nonsense over the years if there had been another ship to jump to?

The whole dynamic changed when XBiz came into the picture. XBiz began chipping away at the AVN power base, and, what’s worse, drained a lot of the advertising revenue that would have gone to AVN.

If memory serves me correctly when AVN’s sales manager jumped ship, Fishbein filed a lawsuit against XBiz. Now I could be wrong, but Fishbein who knows what it’s like to be sued by former employees, probably knows how to file papers. Wait, I take that back. Fishbein told me he was filing papers to make me an owner of AVN and that never happened.

But what I’m seeing now from AVN is sheer desperation. Rob Black aptly called out Mark Kernes on one of the dumbest articles ever to come out of that publication www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=58551

Had I still been running that show, that article would never have seen the light of day. AVN and Kernes know that it’s just a matter of time before AB 332 passes, and when that happens, there will be even less ad bucks to spread around the business because of all the permit costs and other legal fees that will be attached to making a porn movie.

Everything about these AVN guys smacks as a desperation ploy, even the fact that Kernes’ new role seems to be that of AVN’s attack dog. Cut me a break. This is a guy who falls asleep at his desk and who I almost fired one Thanksgiving holiday but changed my mind.

I don’t want to get personal but look at Mark Kernes. This is a guy the sex industry is taking sex advice from?

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