“AVN Milking Us Like Fresh Goats”

GFY’s running a thread after the AdultFYI story www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=38499 broke that Babenet is suing AVN and Paul Fishbein regarding a $300,000 loan to buy Internext:

After Shock Media writes on GFY: I kind of hope babenet wins. They fucked me for some money and now I will need to find out if I can still file a lawsuit since they are apparently still alive and kicking with enough funds to get a lawyer.

Those fuckers at AVN, I just knew it that they were getting kickbacks on the room. I asked several times and never could get a straight answer. Instead they just would talk about the seminar and badge values. When you look closer at it, they were just milking us like fresh goats. They gave back next to nothing. The badge at best was just a really expensive trinket for memory sake, and well it would at times allow you into certain areas that you could care less about as they stripped away any value. No wonder more and more people stopped buying the badges and just hung out at the bar. The show floor was useless and you still could get into the suit parties with or without a badge by knowing who was paying the bill.

Fuck them!
If shows do not give back like both forums, Costa Rica, and well perhaps a few small shows – they can choke on a cock. No more wasting money and getting nickel and dime to death by the promoters who return nothing to the attendees. I honestly would rather see more forum or previous Costa Rica (cancelled ) shows over Vegas and Miami and I like those locations which is to bad.

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