AVN Reports- FSC: AHF Gets it Wrong; Confirmatory Syphilis Test is Negative

CANOGA PARK, Calif.— from www.avn.com FSC (Free Speech Coalition) wishes to report that, once again, AHF (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) has gotten it wrong. Results from two separate confirmatory tests, conducted by the original testing facility for the performer in question show that the patient is negative for syphilis. Doctors from both Cutting Edge and Talent Testing have coordinated their efforts to ensure that APHSS (Adult Performer Health and Safety Services) medical protocols were followed.

APHSS industry protocols dictate that testing facilities utilize the TrepSure test a highly sensitive and specific test for syphilis – far more sensitive than a standard syphilis test. The result is, from time to time, the test will indicate a positive for syphilis when in fact the patient is negative, which is why APHHS protocols dictate that confirmatory tests are required with a positive TrepSure.

“Unlike AHF, we choose to get our information from medical professionals rather than from the gossip or conjecture of bloggers,” said Diane Duke, FSC’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Unfortunately AHF has gone on another witch hunt trying to cause a media frenzy by suggesting an ‘outbreak’ when the performer in question has tested negative. Patient privacy and respect are of utmost importance to us and we encourage responsible reporting rather than the spread of misinformation by rumor mill opportunists who may take this situation as prospect for media attention.”

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