AVN Samantha Saint Story Puts Shy Love in the Eye of the Hurricane; AVN’s Double Standard of Reporting

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So we’re lead to believe that Shy Love booked Samantha Saint for a scene and nobody knew who the male performer was.

That was the gist of Rob Black’s attack on the flimsy batch of excuses Wicked Contract girl Samantha Saint offered AVN which swallowed her alibis hook, line and sinker.

Black operated today on “Pirate Radio” and could only be heard from his website connection, www.therobblackshow.com

If you caught the broadcast, Black first leveled into Mike South who was bragging today how AVN usurped his Richard Nanula story. Black then compared South’s original report about Saint to the AVN piece line by line to show the amazing bunch of discrepancies between South’s account and the one offered by Saint.

“Mike South claims to be the knowledge of the business with every inside track,” said Black.

“In the beginning we had the same goals, but he’s abandoned the principles and become a Joe Lieberman of politics. Out of the blue, Mike South seems to be abandoning the basic platform of reform in this business.

“He’s abandoned what got him to the rodeo and we get bullshit lies and the most retarded stories, and he puts them over like they’re a big deal. Pumping a story of some dirty Indian- a dirty, filthy grimy nuclear bomb having, Al Qaeda loving, 7 Eleven Indian.

“He’s going to tell you about this Indian- her claim to fame is knowing this guy who fucked Kim Kardashian and is a shitty fucking basketball player. And he’s going to beat AVN to the Samantha Saint story.

“This is the arrogance of him. Monica Foster broke the story off of a national website. She then investigated and did the legwork. Mike South, from your own mouth you contradicted yourself.

“Then AVN and Samantha Saint conspired to lie and Peter Warren is a mope. If AVN closed tomorrow, Peter Warren would be sucking cock on Santa Monica Blvd. He’s a jerk off. But South is going, hey, they reported the story I reported; but you just reported that AVN reported your bullshit. [AVN had a totally different story.]

“The only truth you’ll hear is my show and if you read Gene Ross,” said Black.

“Mike South the ‘ring of truth’ journalist said his ‘contact’ gave him the real story- Mike South is either lying or passing himself off as a righteous know-it-all; or Mike South and Joy King didn’t contact Samantha Saint and prep her for her lies so when her lies were said, Mike’s ‘real story’ turned out to be bullshit.

“Samantha Saint said stuff that was contradictory to what you reported. You said an envelope was showed around so everyone could see it. Right out of the gate we’re trying to determine if it was $1200 or $5,000. Saint sucked the cock and said she got $1200. You said she got paid five times what she normally gets so you’re story is a lie or Saint’s story is a lie. Who’s lying. Mike, you’re a fucking journalist.

“If this wasn’t porn- if you put this in the national community, every news channel would be talking about this discrepancy because Mike South who’s the real voice is saying $5,000.

“It means someone’s stealing money. So the real story from the real source is different from Samantha Saint’s story. $5000 in cash is a lot different than a girl saying $1200. There’s the first bullshit error. The second bullshit error is Mike South reporting that partner’s were switched [not according to Saint]- I don’t get it- Samantha Saint blows Mike South’s story completely to hell; nothing was changed according to her. This is hilarious.

That’s when Black lit completely into Shy Love.

“Samantha Saint, your agent booked you with a complete stranger. She called you out of the blue: ‘I’ve got a b-g-g- scene and the male talent is an unknown person we never heard of and it pays “1200.’

“Saint goes, ‘Awesome. I never heard of the guy who is he? Let me call one of my friends if they heard of him- what agency is he with? What about this unknown guy that I’m fucking? He is an unknown guy, but he’s not with any agency. Hmmmm. Oh he’s not with LA Direct? So you want me to go to a hotel room, and do a scene with Trinity St. Clair and a strange guy. Where do I sign up?’

“This is the business that’s saying Katie Summers should have known John Stagliano is HIV positive and he has sexual contact with the girls and everyone shits on her,” Black pointed out.

“But Samantha Saint does a scene with an unknown so that’s what our business is? Who did he test with? Was Richard Nanula tested through TTS? So there’s a record of his AIDS test, right? So you fucked him without a condom and he shows his test from Cutting Edge? Which clinic?

“And explain to me how Shy Love can convince a girl to have sex with a complete stranger and no agent has him on record. What does that say about our business?

“I’m completely confused. But Katie Summers, fuck her, she should have known Stagliano was positive, but Samantha Saint gets a pass and goes home with an envelope full of cash.

“What would possess anyone to put Capital Investment group on an envelope?” Black also wanted to know.

“So a strange guy that’s not a porn performer isn’t shady enough? I can put a check in an envelope with ‘White House’ on it, and Barack Obama just fucked you? Mike South, Samantha Saint, Shy Love, Wicked, who the fuck is lying?

“When Nanula comes out of rehab he’s going to have a statement. He’s not the bad guy. You people are the bad guys because you can’t keep your stories straight.

“Mike South’s real story is real shit. Samantha Saint, your husband must be stupid or maybe he likes it because you’re fucking stupid where he fucks you in the ass and tells you it’s ice cream. He likes you because you’re a fucking retard. She eats my shit and I tell her it’s ice cream. And a lot of people pay cash. Axel Braun paid Tom Byron in cash four times.

“So Shy Love told her this was such a hot newcomer and he’s booked to have two girls- not just some low end Foxx Modeling slob – but some prime pussy. Samantha Saint tells us it was some creepy 50 year old guy- all of a sudden the light of suspicion goes on. And what does she do? She goes to her attorney. What, her husband? ‘Shy I just found out that man was a civilian. I’m going to well, uh, I don’t know.’

“Shy Love says, ‘You walked on a set you were paid, you signed a model release, you checked for the AIDs test, you did everything by the book to make it a legal scene.’

“Because, remember, Samantha, you were duped, but you went to Shy Love saying ‘you duped me and that was a fan. Go to a website and prove to me that was really a scene.’

“Shy Love was a Derek Hay disciple, and she with Hay formed LATATA where her and Spiegler all get together and have meetings,” Black continued.

“They all have these bullshit contracts and bamboozle talent into believing they can’t get out of the contracts and would have to pay a 2,000 kill fill. That’s a fact. Agencies split the money when the girls move on. Shy Love is an architect who’s gone on Twitter at great lengths to attack girls.

“A woman like Shy Love gets confronted by Samantha Saint who’s just a porn chick at the moment. Saint storms in and says, ‘listen to me bitch, that shoot I did the other night? I found out that it was a fan, a millionaire. You told me that he was a new guy. At the end of the day you lied to me.’

“Love goes, ‘What’s your point, cunt? You signed a legal model release, so what are you going to do?’

“Shy Love adds, ‘I’m going to stick my foot up your ass, cunt. Get out of the door.’

“Samantha Saint is saying Shy Love and ATMLA are involved with Trinity St. Clair.”

Black then notes that Saint’s preemptive strike against hooker allegations is her telling AVN that she’s got invoices and a paper trail that proves she’s not a hooker but a paid model; ‘and my agency booked me to work in a scene.’

“That’s how you cover up a prostitution-thing,” explained Black.

“You don’t like a decision that was made for you? That’s what Samantha Saint is saying. What about Katie Summers? Samantha Saint was put in a situation where the decision was made for HER.

“She says she thought she was working in a legitimate scene and was put into a situation. She’s claiming exactly what Katie Summers is suing John Stagliano for, and AVN shits on her?

“Peter Warren, you little fucking punk, piece of dog shit loser- you do a story that Samantha Saint is this poor helpless girl ensnarled in a situation where she was lied to, and that if she knew it, she wouldn’t have done it.

“Peter Warren, you fucking punk. Everybody in this business who does not defend Katie Summers is a diseased punk. Peter Warren, you fucking punk. Samantha Saint, you piece of shit, come out for Katie Summers, you fucking cunt who works for a condom company.

“You’re claiming Shy Love did this dastardly act? You saw a crime committed and did nothing? If you weren’t a girl I’d punch you in the fucking cunt. I hope Katie Summers punches you right in your fucking cunt.

“Samantha, this happened a year ago, and you told no one what Shy Love does to people? Better yet, the scene happened- if June 1st is the day Shy Love booked Saint, what is the day Shy Love left ATMLA? If my agent did that to me, I’d be so upset. Samantha Saint is telling everyone how upset and violated she felt.

“This piece of shit didn’t talk until she was outed by Monica Foster, but Monica Foster is a cunt? Monica Foster reports a legitimate Hollywood story. We uncover this truth- Samantha Saint, you knew about it a year ago but didn’t tell anyone that Trinity St. Clair and Shy Love were running a game.

“Girls want other girls to feel the pain. Guys will blink about speed traps; girls will go everything’s cool fuck you and the ticket; I went to Dubai and almost got killed- fuck them bitches.

“Samantha Saint knew about a scheme that Shy Love and Trinity St. Clair run on the girls and never said anything. So any girl who went on a job from ATMLA the last year and there was a stranger and camera- this is weird- you would have known about that if Samantha Saint spoke up. But why doesn’t she want to speak up?

“Samantha Saint, I wish a couple of girls from the business would punch you in the cunt- the fact that you let it happen. What kind of human being are you? What a fucking disease you are.

“Steve Orenstein, Katie Summers is calling you tomorrow. And she’s going to be calling saying I’m all condom and you know my name. The publicity couldn’t be an better. That should be applauded. She’s going to be calling Joy King – because the statement of your contract girl has made it clear she was involved in all this stuff and it reflects on Wicked.

“Samantha Saint, why would you fuck that guy for $1200? Because your pimp-agent told you to? ‘That guy is the hottest new porn star? He’s new talent.’ Why didn’t you ask him who he was: ‘I’ve never seen you before.’

“But Katie Summers should have done that? You don’t ask any questions of ‘that guy’ and who the fuck is he’s with? You didn’t ask, ‘Shy what the fuck is going on, who’s this weirdo?’ You bypassed all that.

“Wicked Pictures should have no problem bringing Katie Summers on board and be a part of the Wicked team. She just went through what Samantha Saint did.

“Somehow,” continued Black, “no one’s responsible except Nanula who set this whole thing up according to Samantha Saint.

“Samantha, can’t you say the same thing about Stagliano that he was ‘ballsy enough’ to set something up like that? Wicked – you all will be taking a phone call.

“AVN, Samantha Saint you all sound like Katie Summers who was in the business nine days; she was legitimately a babe in the woods and her life was put in danger, where, if she was given a choice she would have said no. Samantha Saint said, ‘I would have never put myself in that situation if I knew what it truly was.’

Black also revealed further information that Saint, although she’s supposed to be exclusive with Wicked, she works side deals with “Ivan, the mark-loser.”

“He’s buddy-buddy with Samantha.”

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