AVN’s Pathetic Fall From Grace; XBIZ Now The Top Dog In Adult Industry Journalism

As I peruse AVN’s website, one thing is still sticking out in my mind. Maybe it doesn’t matter to you, but I still haven’t seen the press release posted that Smash Pictures has gone all condom and that their sales are stronger than ever. I cannot find it on the site at all.

It’s funny because usually when we talk about something on the show or post it on AdultFYI, www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60422 AVN will respond. Not directly, because they like to pretend we don’t exist. When we pose a question or offer an observation, they will often answer it in a way where we know they’re listening and reading. Like when we posted the story about Andi Anderson’s return to the business www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60326 and AVN responded when Nadia Styles returned www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60357 Or when they mislabeled living porn star Jack Hammer as dead porn star Cal Jammer and changed it after we posted this article www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60271

Back to Smash Pictures. When you see something like this where AVN doesn’t post their all condom announcement, it plainly shows you where they are on the whole issue. Who controls AVN and what they are all about. They like to claim to be an independent news organization, but they are clearly just a propaganda wing for whatever regime is currently in charge. Right now that regime is Diane Duke, Free Speech Coalition, John Stagliano, Peter Acworth and of course, Manwin who owns AVN.

Smash Pictures didn’t only send out their press release to XBIZ. They sent it out to everybody. But XBIZ is the site that put it up. What I find rather disturbing and sad is what has become of AVN. Paul Fishbein, whether you loved or hated him, at least attempted to run the magazine with an even hand. Of course, every news organization has a slant that they take, whether it’s CNN, FOX News or MSNBC. They all have a certain bias. But Fishbein, to his credit, never strayed away from what AVN was supposed to be – a news reporting agency.

Fishbein would go out of his way to appear impartial. Like when we left Elegant Angel back in 1998 to form Extreme Associates. AVN wrote a huge 10 page article entitled “Inside The Elegant Angel Breakup.” It was the main feature story that even had the title on the spine of the magazine. Patrick Collins called Fishbein and tried to quash the article. He complained that it would give us too much publicity. But Paul said, “Pat, it’s a huge story. How can we not talk about it? It’s big news and we have to report on it.” So the story went up and the rest is history.

AVN, for all of its flaws, was something that prided itself on reporting the news. Sure, they had to play ball with some advertisers to some extent, but they always maintained a certain level of journalistic integrity. It was the industry news source. It was the bible of the adult business. So when AVN doesn’t publish a press release that Smash Pictures has gone all condom, it makes them look incredibly horrible.

AVN can’t say that Smash Pictures is just some fly by night company. They’ve been around for many years. The owner Dan Quinn has been around for many years. They’ve owned distribution chains, stores and are an integral part of the business. Stuart Wall, the general manager, has been a part of the adult business for a very long time. Smash Pictures has been a staple of this business for years, so when they come out and say that they are all condom, that’s something that shouldn’t be swept under the rug. That’s not something that you dismiss. Especially when they say that their sales haven’t suffered and no fans have complained and no talent has complained about chafed pussies or have contracted diseases from wearing rubbers. AVN not reporting on them just makes them look silly.

What’s also interesting is that Nina Hartley appeared in one of these Smash Pictures productions entitled “Owner Gets Clipped.” I’d like to ask Nina how her vagina is. Nina Hartley had to perform with a condom. I’m wondering if her pussy is chafed up or if she contracted any diseases. I gotta imagine she would be looking to file a lawsuit against Smash Pictures for forcing her to wear a rubber and wounding her vagina and endangering her health. She was forced against her will to wear a condom which chafed her pussy and gave her a disease, right? Why would somebody wanna do that? Maybe because she got paid? Or maybe because it’s a complete bullshit lie about condoms chafing pussies?

Nina Hartley did a movie, she got paid, she wore a condom, she didn’t get a wounded pussy or a disease. Nina Hartley shut her fucking mouth, got her fucking money and walked away, because that’s what Nina Hartley does best. She plays both sides depending on who is writing the checks. People who are around now don’t remember when Nina Hartley and her husband Ernest Greene were vociferously pro-condom. That changed when they discovered the grass was greener on the no condom side.

See, I’ve been around longer than these johnny-come-lately assholes like Peter Acworth, Mo Reese and Lorelei Lee. I remember these things. Nina Hartley and Ernest Greene were saying the same things they are saying now except in reverse. They made every bit as strong an argument for condoms as they are now against them. Except back then they made more sense.

So Nina Hartley is fine. She survived her forced condom encounter with nary a chafe.

Just like AVN will ignore the fact that Smash Pictures is now all condom and have not suffered lost sales because of it, Nina Hartley will ignore that she wore a rubber and everything went fine. Nobody had ripped penises, nobody had ripped vaginas. Nobody caught diseases, everybody got paid and everybody had a good time.

It just shows you that a johnny-come-lately like Alec Helmy and XBIZ has more journalistic integrity than AVN does now. AVN has completely destroyed its credibility in the few short years since Paul Fishbein sold it to Manwin. It’s pretty disgraceful. XBIZ has now become the leader in adult news reporting. I guess things change and nothing can maintain its dominance forever.

We’ve seen it with Hustler and Vivid. Once leaders in the production of adult movies, now they have both completely fallen off the radar. Evil Angel has become a shell of what they once were. They distribute whatever garbage that comes along the pike so John Stagliano can collect his 35%. There was a time when Evil Angel had standards. This is the company that used to house John Leslie and Greg Dark. Now? Mark Wood and Francesca Le. John Stagliano used to be a respected member of the adult community. Now he is an HIV infected creep who sexually interacts with female talent without disclosing his condition and has relations with women in the working talent pool. He and Evil Angel are limping along on borrowed time.

Not many companies can maintain a high standard of excellence throughout the years. Only one comes to mind and that is Wicked Pictures. They’ve been in business for a very long time and its owner Steve Orenstein has always carried himself with dignity and respect. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would say a bad word about the man. When the industry had its first major HIV transmission issue in 1998 and the big companies went all condom, Steve Orenstein was the only one who never wavered on that stance. Vivid and all the other companies abandoned their condom policy, but Orenstein stayed with it.

Now here we are in 2014 and the adult industry is under attack from AIDS Healthcare Foundation, The State of California and Cal/OSHA. This industry has been under assault and you’ve seen company after company wither and die. Wicked Pictures has stayed on top because they operate as a professional entertainment entity. They follow laws and they operate with integrity. They have the top directors, make the top movies and have the top record for safety. You never hear of talent on Wicked sets coming down with STDs.

Wicked Pictures is the top company in the business. From the directors to their contract stars to their salespeople. Bonnie Kail carries on the legacy of her father Ed Kail with excellence. Wicked embodies everything a successful adult company should be. They set the standard that everybody should follow, but unfortunately do not.

Wicked is the chink in the armor of the regime of corruption that exists in our business. Diane Duke, Peter Acworth, John Stagliano and others of their ilk ignore Wicked Pictures and Smash Pictures. They ignore people who are thriving in spite of their mantra of bullshit. They scream at the top of their lungs about how a condom mandate will destroy the industry, but all people have to do is say, “What about Wicked? What about Smash Pictures? What about Axel Braun? What about all of these people who are successful doing all the things they say will destroy the business?” They don’t have an answer for that. So they ignore them and hope no one notices. For AVN, who used to be the bible of the industry to also ignore them is disgusting.

The good people of this industry need to rise up and speak out against the animals who are destroying the business. Axel Braun, Dan Quinn, Steve Orenstein, Stuart Wall, Jessica Drake, Brad Armstrong. These good people need to rise up and put these rabid beasts down. And XBIZ should rise up and take its rightful place as the new king of adult journalism and put AVN out of its misery once and for all.

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