Axel Braun Doesn’t Even Direct His Own Movies

This isn’t the first time that Rob Black has mentioned that Axel Braun doesn’t even direct his own movies. It’s a known fact that Bryn Pryor does.

Black was telling a story about directing his first movie for Elegant Angel and that four of the talent- Tiffany Mynx, Nicole London, Ashley Renee and Missy ratted him out to Patrick Collins, that the new guy Black was drinking on the set and that he was irresponsible.

“Matt Holder [the guy who gave Monica Foster the Herp] was my tech and Barry Wood was my cameraman,” Black recalled.

“That’s like four of the top talent in the business walking into Steve Hirsch’s office and telling him Axel Braun was in his trailer not directing and that Bryn Pryor was yelling at everyone. Oh my God it happens all the time, and Steve Hirsch tells you go fuck your mother.

“In my case Patrick Collins said, hey kid, we don’t do shit like that. As I walked out of the office Tiffany Mynx looked at me, and I go ‘fuck you bitch.’


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