Banan Lashes Out At Jason Sechrest

(E-Mail to Top Pro Talent) — Privileged and off the record electronic mail that I sent last evening in response to a very disturbed young man Jason Sechrest, over an article that I wrote about his client Ginger Lynn, ended up in the press on several adult news websites this morning. In a letter to these websites, I requested the post be taken down and removed.

The electronic mail was tampered with. The letter itself was re-written to defame my family, my associates, and me. Furthermore, my response was privileged and off the record. I cannot and will not, allow this type of dishonest skullduggery, publicity and journalism take form. The laws on confidentiality are written with specific codes that should be followed. In this case, it was not.

If Jason Sechrest, wants to run around and play journalist, then he should abide by the laws of confidentiality. Those laws are put into effect, not because the person is hiding the truth, but to give you, and I, time to render a decision. It affords you the privileged of thinking about what you are about to say. On the records! Off the Record.

In this case, I was not even afforded the opportunity to respond to the tampered electronic mail before he posted it. Personally, I believe that Jason Sechrest harbors some kind of deep emotional problem with others and me. I really think he should seek help for this problem quickly. I have today decided to give him what he really deserves; I have requested that my attorneys file a law suite against Jason Sechrest and DV 8.

On another topic of conversation this afternoon on Extreme Gene Ross website. I was toyed with by Jason and Gene as to my grammar and the use of the English language. As I explained to Gene, at the time Nicole Moore and I, were separated and living separate lives. It has not been proven to me by Nicole or anyone else, in the bathroom that evening, that a rape ever was committed. Therefore the word irreproachable is correct. He is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Thank You

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