Bare Bowling- All Things Considered, Bill Margold’s Time to Shine

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One of the mainstream news sites today ran a photo of Cameron Bay when she was at the LATATA bowling event the beginning of August. As everyone knows, or should, Derek Hay and Diane Duke split the proceeds of the event. But you know none of that money went to the performers.

Next weekend Bill Margold holds his annual BARE Bowling event to benefit PAW [Protecting Adult Welfare]. My cohort Sean last month wrote a story about PAW and opened some points for debate.

The obvious question always asked, is, where does the money go? Margold in response to the article did some Twitter-sniggles in which he basically said Sean didn’t know what he was talking about.

A couple of months ago, Margold, showing the same sensitivity as Xander Corvus just did for Cameron Bay, went on Blog Talk Radio and said that Kelly Wells getting her jaw busted on a Belladonna set was a “badge of honor.” Then what is HIV worth? The Congressional Medal of Honor?

The fact is, Margold’s never going to tell us where the PAW money goes. But we can all set aside petty differences on that score if Margold makes a public statement that all proceeds from PAW Bare Bowling go to Cameron Bay.

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