Barry Nelson, Monica Foster #1 fan and supporter loses entire band

Instead of screwing around on the internet and wasting time defending a lost cause, maybe Barry Nelson should concentrate on his music. His band, THE GROOVE COMMITTEE consists of Barry alone as he seeks “Background Singer, Keyboard, Saxophone, Rhythm Guitar, Vocalist.”


Barry is notoriously racist and cowardly and often must make his Twitter feed private to avoid getting reported and banned. The 55 year old Californian took up the hopeless cause that is Monica Foster some time ago and he is one of the very few accounts that she follows, the others belonging to other middle aged, out of shape black men. It seems that this is all the woman that is obsessed with youth and vanity is able to attract at this point in time.

@GewchiWings @blue_balled @nycfunk lol he’s a fucking idiot! The lone fan! See the caliber of men she attracts? She’s South Central bound!!

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