Battling Content Theft: Is Vobile a Waste of Your Money?

Mike South writes on In another half baked effort to bilk more money for this completely worthless organization the FSC has decided that it needs to battle content theft. All you have to do is shell out money to them.

Well lets break it down…Heres the cost:

upfront $450 for FSC members(limited time $250)
first 10-19 Titles is $40 per title per month.

So in addition to your FSC membership fees you if you have just 100 videos you want them to watch for you can expect to pay 250.00(once) +4000.00 (40.00×100 titles)per month. . .about 48,000.00 per year.

And as you may have guessed the FSC isn’t doing ANYTHING. They are just reselling the services of a company called vobile, at a 50% rev share I might add. So the FSC gets half the money. Now that leads me to wonder if this arrangement doesn’t remove them from not for profit status, making them subject to taxes.

But wait! According to Diane Duke, the head brigand at theFree Speech Cabal: “tube and torrent sites (referred to as user generated content, or UGC-sites) that steal content are being put on notice and will receive take down notices.”

An inquiry to vobile indicates that they don’t do anything with torrent sites, only tube sites.

48K a year to send take down notices to tube sites for just 100 videos.

Now if you REALLY want a service like this, allow me to send you to the right place. has been around for quite a while. Eric is the owner and he is the best at it targeting both tube sites and torrent sites. he has a rock solid track record and he will treat you fairly.

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