Before The Fags Took Over: Andrew Dice Clay, 1989 – “No Such Thing As Bisexual, I Don’t Get The Gay Thing, San Francisco The Fag Capital…”

There used to be a time, before fags took over the world, where you could tell the truth about how disgusting and wrong homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality is. The word “homophobe” was not used. Words like “transphobe” did not exist. Men weren’t allowed to marry men. The word “Fag” could get freely thrown around without someone getting fired or publicly shamed. This video is about those times. Brought to you by Andrew Dice Clay. His discussion on fags starts at 35:40 of the video.

He also goes off on homeless beggars (31:50) in the days before every underachieving loser could start a GoFundMe campaign to get other people to pay their bills and fund their drug addictions – and successfully get people to donate to them!

Throughout the video, he discusses how whores should be treated as such and not like “ladies.”

The good old days. The golden era. Before society got poisoned by liberals. Many of you don’t remember those times. So here it is.

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