Ben Gambled at Larry’s Casino

Was Larry Flynt directly or indirectly responsible for the break up of Ben and Jen? Or did Ben have some insidious master plan and Larry provided the excuse. Those are the impressions you’re being given from an upcoming article in Us Weekly.
Us Weekly’s next issue cites Affleck’s penchant for gambling as some of the reasons why the 31-year-old actor said no-no to J. Lo. The six-page cover story arrives at newsstands Friday.

The magazine is claiming Affleck spent last Friday at the Hustler Casino in Gardena, California, an establishment owned by Flynt. Witnesses told Us that Affleck spent the night playing poker at a $10,000-minimum table, where he eventually left a loser.

All-night gambling episodes such as this and the one on September 1 at another Los Angeles-area casino apparently upset Lopez and may have caused an insurmountable rift in their romance.

Supposedly the widely reported stripper incident that took place in Vancouver in July, which found Affleck partying all night and performing sex acts with strippers at a private party, was not a direct factor in the split. The magazine dismissed it as “speed bump,” but one that may have all been part of Affleck’s master plan to get out of the relationship. As Us points out, Affleck told Playboy in 1999 that he’s prone to creating some incident in order to get out of a bad relationship.



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