Bengals cheerleader sues TheDirty website Over STD Insinuations

from – First came the threat of a lawsuit against Gawker by that guy behind those “Girls Gone Wild” videos. Now, from a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals, comes another potential legal mess for a media site. The cases are unrelated, but what is this? Sue the Internet Month or something?

The cheerleader, who works as a school teacher in Kentucky during the off season, claims, a site where readers are encouraged to “submit dirt,” libeled her by incorrectly suggestion that she suffers from sexually transmitted diseases.

That’s according to the Courrier-Journal, which did not name the woman who has filed in court under the name of “Jane Doe.”

One Dec. 7, TheDirty wrote of a cheerleader and her ex-boyfriend, who “cheated on her with over 50 girls in 4 years.. in that time he tested positive for Chlamydia Infection and Gonorrhea.. so im sure Sarah also has both.” The Cincinnati Bengals’ website provides a profile for a cheerleader that matches that description, but has decided not to link to it because the woman filing the suit wishes to remain anonymous.

from – A Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader who also works as a school teacher in northern Kentucky is suing a gossip Web site for libel over a posting that she says falsely claims she was exposed to two venereal diseases.

The woman, identified in court records as “Jane Doe,” said the posting on the Web site is libelous and was posted online to hurt her reputation. The Web site doesn’t use her full name but mentions both her jobs.

The Dec. 7 posting under the headline “Dirty Bengals Cheerleader” claims the woman’s ex-boyfriend cheated on her with more than 50 women, contracted two sexually transmitted diseases and likely passed them on to her.

Two e-mail messages sent Monday to the Web site seeking comment were not immediately returned.

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