Bill Margold Accepts Rob Black’s Challenge to a Debate

Convinced that Rob Black is going to internally combust sooner or later, Bill Margold has accepted Black’s offer to a debate. Black on his Internet show Tuesday challenged Margold, one of many porn targets in his gun sights, to verbs at 20 paces.

“He’s going to burn out,” predicts Margold. “The way he’s going I don’t know if he’ll last until the play is over.” For now Margold is involved in the play, The Deep Throat Sex Scandal until its final curtain which looks to be April 14th.

“April 15th would be a good day,” said Margold. “I’m jumping all over this. I’ll take him on in a heartbeat, but I’m not allowed to feel sorry for a person who is out of control.

“He may burn out but I would love it.”

Black, this past week, has taken a shot or two at Viper, and Margold remembers when Tom Byron, Black’s business partner worked with her.

“She came home from that shoot and said, ‘There’s something wrong with that kid [Byron]. He kept calling me mommy. I was honored that he would work with her, but she called him “that little boy.”

The last time Margold was in a porn debate was one conducted at the old KSEX in which Margold took on Quasarman and Rob Spallone.

Margold’s one stipulation in debating Black is that there’d be no profanity. Which, for Black, is like asking a cigarette company to make a product without tobacco.

Margold has also asked that I moderate the debate.

“He’s welcome to come after me. Every skeleton in my closet has already been out.”

Regarding the Rona Barrett allegations, Margold, according to porn urban legend which Black brought up during his show Tuesday, was supposed to have said to Miss Rona he’d do a porn movie with his daughter. Margold says, not exactly.

“She tried to get under my skin. Finally she said, ‘What’s a good Jewish boy like you doing in this business?’

“I said, I want to be famous. She said do you have any children? I said it takes no talent to have children, and then she asked would you let your children into the business. I said when they turn 18 I really don’t care what they do. In fact if the older one [his daughter] came into the business I’d probably work with her. What I meant by that is not have sex with her, but I probably would have directed her.”

When Barrett kept pressing the issue, Margold to shut her up, said of his daughter, “She really has bad teeth and is not my type.”

The Village Voice reported on the appearance noting that Margold had played Barrett completely.

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