Bill Margold Announces The FOXE Follies; Says His Detractors Are Jealous of Him

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Call it a fan appreciation night because The Sex Awards which are being run by Paul Fishbein certainly aren’t. So Papa Bear Bill Margold has decided to resurrect the FOXE name and next May 25th, Margold’s holding The FOXE Follies.

Filling in for Alesia Pleasure last night on XXX Porn Star Radio, Margold also talked about the status of the industry and the fact that nothing’s being created to excite the fans.

Margold noted that FOXE was created in 1989 and had its “first real award show” in 1991 where fans could vote for their porn favorites and did so until 2008.

“The important entity is the fans,” explained Margold.

“Without them we don’t exist. I probably put on the best shows in the history of this business because there were no rules. FOXE awards were from the industry to the fans with a mutual adoration. The people needed this. There were no rules.”

Margold estimated crowds in attendance at these events between 1100 to 1400.

“It was a private party, and there wasn’t anything that didn’t go on. I’d have tears pouring down my face at the admiration of what the fans and the performers would show.”

Margold scoffed at the new attempt at a fan awards, called The Sex Show, which is run by Fishbein. Margold wondered, as have many, how you can have a fan show without inviting the fans.

“I’m horrified what we’ve become. It hurts me. With the resurrection of Foxe Follies it will show them what it’s all about.”

Margold also remembered his years of sitting on the board of The Free Speech Coalition which made it clear to him they despised the fans and had very little use for the performers.

According to Margold, the reconstituted FOXE show will be hosted by the stars from XXXPorn Star Radio. “It’s aimed at giving back to the people who give to us.”

As the recognized porn industry historian, Margold said, “I am the history of this business, but I seriously doubt there’s any other single person who’s done more in more areas for it than me.

“I want them [his detractors] to come after me. I’ve gone to jail for it, and I’ve paved more roads than anyone else. The industry gave me my life. For people who have said I’ve done nothing, I’ll challenge them on every level and they’ll drop out half way through.”

“I don’t get along with a lot of people in this business because I don’t kiss their ass,” Margold also concedes.

A fan called in asking for information so he could put together a tribute show for director Loretta Sterling [a pseudonym]. Margold told him Ed Powers could probably supply him with particulars, noting that he and Powers first hooked up in 1985 when Powers called the wrong number.

“Ed’s an amusing personality in my life,” reflects Margold.

“We had lunch. I liked him and the rest his history.”

Margold also recalled that his first porn scene, albeit it non-hardcore, was with Diana Hardy in The Goddaughter.

“I wanted to be in the movie so I could write stories what it was like to be in an adult production,” said Margold. “I wanted to be the George Plimpton of pornography.”

“My dick got hard as she [Hardy] fondled me,” recalled Margold who played a character named Dummy.

“It was not a bad movie and I’m terrible in it.”

Margold however penetrated Hardy although that part wasn’t shown on camera.

“You didn’t enjoy that, did you?” Hardy asked him. Margold’s first official hardcore scene was with “a tiny girl” named Sue Key.

“It was on a rug in a garage in Venice California,” Margold recalled.

“I popped copiously in her face.” Margold said back then he was proud to go naked, but he’ll be 70 this October although, according to him, he could still give you a pop shot on command.

Asked about his “fetish” with teddy bears, Margold explained that teddy bears are the first thing you talk to when you’re laying in your crib.

“So you sort of get scared and try out talking to your teddy bear. You learn to trust the teddy bear, and it’s the most important element of trust. I guess little girls had idiotic dolls.”

Then, when he was running Pretty Girl International for Red Sawitz, Margold first met porn legend Serena.

“She was standing there wearing nothing. She reached out to me, and I hugged her. She said you’re just a big old bear.

“The adult performer would rather be hugged than screwed,” Margold continued.

“Teddy bears then began to show up in my office.”

Margold has over 200 of them and has been gradually giving away his collection over the years. His bear alter ego, Mr. Stubbs, was a gift from his late writing partner Marc Weiss.

“Stubbs became unique in my life,” says Margold.

“I got him a credit card and a phone number. He even got involved representing my public relations company by daring to write a press release about a football team I played on, The Coldwater Cats.”

The late Huell Howser a local LA TV personality wanted to do a story about a 70 year old player on the team, and, according to Margold, Viper pissed Howser off with some phone attitude.

“It made me very mad.”

Margold would also put Stubbs in porn movies.

“We were making videos and Stubbs started appearing in almost every movie. I put him in Drea’s movie with a performer named Raven. Years later Raven and I are starring in another movie and she remembered Stubbs.”

A caller-in from Tampa had a question, and Margold’s recollection of Tampa went back to September, 1994 when he first got off the plane. “I felt like I had a wet towel slapped in my face. How do you even breathe?”

Margold was asked about the support mechanisms in adult [meaning PAW], the caller noting Margold has been a target of criticism.

“I wanted to create a organization to help the kids,” said Margold.

“When Shauna Grant died, I wasn’t ready. When Savannah died I was sick and tired of the kids dying. I cried in front of an LA Times reporter.”

Margold said Free Speech, after giving him a hard time, finally gave him the money to start PAW figuring he would go away.

“But I didn’t go away. Within four years PAW created AIM.” Margold admits PAW’s basically lived on fumes and fund raisers.

“I have a dream that maybe when Larry Flynt dies he’ll donate money to PAW and I’ll create the PAW Foundation House similar to Synanon,” Margold continued.

“I would name it after Flynt. I want to get a fixer upper where people can have animals and raise crops and be away from the environment of drugs. I hate drugs. Marijuana is stupid. I could tell you horror stories. If someone wants to donate money to PAW, I’ll get a house.”

Margold was also asked by the caller why is it some people are attacking him for a well-intentioned group such as PAW.

“People don’t like me because of jealousy,” answered Margold.

“I’ve blow my own horn as loudly as possible. I’ve earned the right, and I defy people to put down on their resume as much as I’ve got down on my own resume.

“People can’t handle the fact that I’ve never kissed anybody’s ass in this business,” Margold went on to say.

“It’s virtually impossible to humble me. The Detroit Lions do a good job, but it’s absolute and total jealousy. I’ve had people say they hate me but say they respect me. That’s the highest compliment you can get. Let them take their shots. Detractors have no substantiation.”

Margold was also asked to clarify what he actually said to Rona Barrett.

“You had to have heard the interview and understood the circumstances around it,” said Margold.

“She came to see me at my office and we talked. At the time she was ancillary to The Tomorrow Show. It was Winter, 1980. She tried everything to turn me into what she thought I was- an idiot in the X Rated industry.

“I speak in sound bytes and catch phrases. She asked what’s a good Jewish boy doing in this industry. I said I wanted to be famous. She said you have children. Would you let your kids in the business?

“I told her when they turn 18 you can’t tell them to stay out. She then asked me would you work with your children. I said, I’d be happy to, but the one who’s turning 18 has bad teeth and not my type.”

Margold said if his kids were old enough and wanted to work in the business he’d direct them.

“The thing with Barrett was so overblown, and The Village Voice at the time wrote that I made a fool out of her.”

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