Bill Margold: How Many People Did Max Hardcore Work With That Committed Suicide?

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If you listened to Amber Lynn’s show a couple of weeks ago, it was a Max Hardcore lovefest.

I know Amber Lynn and Bill Margold are bosom buddies, but on the Max issue, they’re very much divided. Margold aired his views on Alesia Pleasure’s Internet show Wednesday night.

On the day before Independence Day, Margold also notes that Freedom of Speech isn’t a right. “You have to work for this.”

As an industry historian, Margold believes the industry is now “butchering its future on a daily basis.” Pleasure, paraphrasing Herschel Savage said he was on Seka’s show last week commenting that everybody in the business is out for themselves and no one makes friends any more.

“I don’t think Herschel’s wrong in his feelings,” said Margold noting that it isn’t the same kind of business he and Savage grew up in.

“We were outlaws, and as outlaws we banded together to protect ourselves against a united evil that was trying to get rid of us. Now it’s the business trying to get rid of us. It’s a very sad time in this business.”

Margold noted that Savage was from the golden era and “one of our national treasures.”

Savage recently appeared as Gerard Damiano in the Deep Throat play that had its run in Los Angeles.

“He was magnificent in that play,” said Margold. “He just captured the essence of Damiano. I had the honor of knowing Gerard. He had become very disappointed in the video industry we had allowed ourselves to become.

“But Herschel is right – the family of X has become extinct except in the golden era. We were outlaws on movie posters. We’re bored with ourselves now. You have the people in the industry ripping us apart with no reason except to get their own 15 minutes of fame, and as I said today on Facebook they’re not going to have their 15 minutes of fame at my expense. You have to earn it and very few people in this business have.”

Pleasure also noted that Seka has been voted the No. 1 porn person of all time.

“But how does a Seka sit in the nosebleed section at an AVN?” she asked.

Margold said he has absolutely no use for AVN calling them an “absolutely vacuous nuisance.”

“I have very little affection for them. In the war between AVN and XBiz, I take AVN because they were here first. XBiz admits they don’t care about the history of the business.”

Margold recalled how in the days when porn was viewed in movie theaters, he’d walk into places and be lucky his shoes didn’t stick to the floor.

Although he didn’t mention my site by name, Margold addressed the Kelly Wells story I had posted.

“They were talking about a woman who got her jaw broken in a sex scene. To me that would be a badge of honor. A physical injury during a sex scene is because you’ve been in it, you’ve thrown yourself into it with great abandon.

[Bill, what if someone punched you in the jaw during that scene, would that be great abandon?]

“I broke a bone in front of my knee in a bath tub in a sex scene,” he related.

“I heard a crack and the cameraman said what is that? I said I’m not sure. We kept rolling. I looked down and the front of my knee is swelling up. I pushed it, and a piece of bone came out. That’s a badge of honor. This yowling about a woman breaking her jaw [she had it broken for her] to me she was very good at what she did and threw herself into it. I would sooner have a bone broken then my spirit broken.

“And that’s where we bring up people like a Max Hardcore who in my opinion perpetuated and perpetrated cinematic incest on a lot of the kids that he worked with because he broke their spirit. The body will heal.”

Margold talks about his “Heidelberg scars” from porn, particularly the time Uschi Digard accidentally dug one of her nails into his chest during a naked water polo game.

“I stormed her goal and she slashed down on me and I was ripped open like a ripe melon. Blood filled the pool.

“I would sooner have those kind of wounds then I would having my spirit broken which is what I believe Max Hardcore did. He was a brutalizationer. He demeans them. He shatters their spirit. But I would like to know how many people Max Hardcore worked with that wound up committing suicide.

“I had told him for years- because he had an office across from mine up at 4526 Van Nuys Blvd. which was the same building that Jim South had World Modeling. I told him I would leave him alone. I would never wish him ill until one of his kids that he worked with came to see me. One day a kid came in and began crying and said I wish I had never done it. And he walked across the hall and said [to her] ‘get out of here you bitch.’

“I told him I will piss on you when you go to jail. Guess what? He went to jail and no one will ever really understand all that but even a blind jury would have found him guilty from what I refer to as dehumanization.

“He got away with it because nobody cared. And nobody protects these kids. People don’t want to tell on each other but now this industry has busted open and everyone is telling on everyone else. Maybe some of the people will come out of the woodwork and admit [what happened]- but I don’t want them to because then they would have to then re-live what I refer to as the horror of cinematic incest.”

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